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Steve Lacy Seven - Prospectus(1983)

Steve Lacy Seven - Prospectus

Label:Hat Hut Records
Country: Switzerland

Track list
A1 Stamps 6:50
A2 Wickets 11:30
A3 The Whammies 5:10
B1 Prospectus 6:00
B2 The Dumps (Take 1) 17:10
C Cliches
Percussion – Cyrille Few 22:40
D1 The Dumps (Take 2) 15:35
D2 Retreat 7:45

Personnel :
Soprano Saxophone, Composed By - Steve Lacy
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone - Steve Potts
Bass - Jean-Jacques Avenel
Cello, Violin, Voice - Irene Aebi
Drums, Percussion - Oliver Johnson
Percussion - Sherry Margolin (tracks: C, D2)
Piano - Bobby Few
Trombone - George Lewis

Producer - Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger
Recorded By - Peter Pfister

Recorded on 1 (A1, B, C, D2) & 2 (A2, A3, D1) November 1983 at IRCAM Espace De Projection, Paris.

Credit for Percussion on Side C actually says 'Cyrille Few and his friend'

This is Steve Lacy's album of Hat Hut in 1980s. This is rather big work in two vinyls. Although I do not think this is very innovative or very new work in Steve Lacy's various opus, very gay, easy to listen (even non free jazz music lover would love this), but various aspects of Steve's music are picked up and shown like“Prospectus.

And I admire excellence of George Lewis as trombone player. As a music creator and composer, I am not so fond of his abstract, well-calculated and experimental style of works, which takes similar style of Roscoe Mitchel but not as vital as him, and sounds like a certain kind of modern classic music. Difficult to imagine what is called "Jazz music". But, as trombone player, he has nice tone and bright phrases with unbelievable virtuous technical.

This file is converted from casset tape. I think sound quality is affordable for enjoying in ordinal level music player.

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  1. have you been put off putting up more recent interesting recordings by Mr Prevosts comments?

  2. What I put up is my favorites which I think to be worthwhile to be shared, but has not been found out in file share sites.

  3. I can keep the Eddie's recordings on this site, he doesn't put off anything, he just wanted we have a discuss with downloaders about download. But some others labels asked me to withdraw their records (ayler, psi, emanem,...), especially the more recent recordings...

  4. Why don't talk about the great Lacy? ...and this astonishingly fine work called "Prospectus"? I think you underestimated this true masterpiece, in my opinion one of the best Lacy of all his recorded legacy!
    Next time I'll try to explain why I think so.


  5. I'm very glad you value this work high. The casset tape I have kept more than 25 years now could reach a lover. I'm looking forward to know your opinion about this.