jeudi 21 avril 2011

Michel Doneda - Anatomie des Clefs

MICHEL DONEDA - Anatomie des clefs (Potlatch, 1998)

Michel Doneda: soprano saxophone

01-Creux actif
02-Bloc d'air
03-Portées, divisées

At first blush, more than an hour of solo soprano saxophone might appear daunting, if not tedious. In Michel Doneda's hands, the soprano saxophone is not so much a musical instrument as a vessel of prayer. There is no discernable melody and few sounds that resemble those of the saxophone. Instead, there are incredible, even astounding sounds that melt into nothingness and then erupt in fury. The three tracks are entirely different, with utterly fascinating shadings. Under Doneda's tutelage, breath and space are just as important as instrumental sound. This is not, though, some New Age mush: Far from it. It is a masterful blend of noise, air, and technically sophisticated saxophone that unites to form a coherent whole. To the uninitiated, this might make for disturbing listening; but, but for those willing to take the time, the rewards are substantial.(from AMG)


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