samedi 16 avril 2011

Charles Brackeen - Attainment

CHARLES BRACKEEN QUARTET - Attainment (Skilheart, 1987)

Charles Brackeen: tenor saxophone, voice
Olu Dara: cornet, voice, berimbau
Fred Hopkins: bass, toy drum, voice
Andrew Cyrille: drums, congas, voice 
Dennis González: pao de chuva, voice

02-Prince of Night
03-New Stand
04-House of Gold
05-Yogan Love

Tenor saxophonist Charles Brackeen is in ways a throwback to the 1960s. He sometimes builds off of childlike folk themes (like Albert Ayler), and Ornette Coleman's method of constantly improvising new melodies is also an influence. However, Brackeen's intense sound has a soul of its own, and his playing on the four lengthy originals (with strong contributions by bassist Fred Hopkins, drumer Andrew Cyrille and the underrated cornetist Olu Dara) is quite original. Intense yet fulfilling music which was recorded the same day as its companion album, Worshippers Come Nigh.(from AMG)


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  1. uhh i wanted to hear this one since a long ago, many thanks

  2. Hey, thanks for this!, hope you might have "Worshippers Come High" as well

  3. I uploaded 'Worshippers...' but I miss the third Brackeen release on Skilheart ('bannar') and a 1974 release: Charles' Concept

  4. I have not konwn this sax player. This is interesting music. No freeky tone, with tight rythm. So not free improvisation music. But, colorful improvisation with different elements, chromatic scale, duo ad lib with trumpet, I want to listen to repeatedly.