mercredi 20 avril 2011

Clifford Thornton & Jazz Composer's Orchestra, The - The Gardens Of Harlem(1975)

Clifford Thornton & Jazz Composer's Orchestra, The - The Gardens Of Harlem

A1 Ogun Bara 5:46
A2 O Desayo 8:02
A3 Agbadza 9:42
B1 Chango Obari 4:33
B2 Ain Salah 8:16
B3 Gospel Ballade 4:44
B4 Sweet Oranges 1:08
B5 Blues City 8:57

Bass - Andy Gonzalez
Cornet, Producer - Clifford Thornton
Drums [Trap Set] - Art Lewis
Flute, Saxophone [Alto] - Carlos Ward
French Horn - Gregory Williams , John Thompson
Percussion [Axatse, Kidi, Ntrowa] - Laxmi G. Tewari
Percussion [Gankogui, Nnaronta, Bell] - Asante Darkwa
Percussion [Itotele Bata, Tumba] - Milton Cardona
Percussion [Iya Bata, Tumba, Palos] - Gene Golden
Percussion [Konkolo Bata, Kaganu, Quinto, Tumba, Bell, Palos] - Jerry Gonzalez
Percussion [Nnawuronta, Apentima, Oprenten, Ntrowa, Conga, Sogo, Atsimevu] - A. Kobena Adzenyah
Percussion [Tumba, Axatse, Conga] - Vincent Jorge
Piano - Carla Bley
Producer - Jazz Composer's Orchestra, The
Saxophone [Alto, Tenor] - Dewey Redman
Saxophone [Baritone], Flute - George Barrow
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano] - Pat Patrick
Saxophone [Tenor] - Roland Alexander
Trombone - Charles Stephens , Janice Robinson
Trumpet - Hannibal Marvin Peterson , Leo Smith , Michael Ridley
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Ted Daniel
Tuba - Bob Stewart

Recorded April 4, 1974 in New York City

This is one of series of JCOA's album with one leader.
Leader is Clifford Thornton.

Strong infuluence of African fork music is very attractive.

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  1. wanted to hear this since a long ago, many thanks

  2. Oh, I'm happy to know there is someone who has been waiting for this.

  3. yeah, and i loved it, many thanks

  4. Please,where I can get this LP? URL doesnt exist. Many thanks