jeudi 7 avril 2011

Frank Wright - Uhuru Na Umoja (1970)

Frank Wright - Uhuru Na Umoja

1 Oriental Mood 8:58
2 Aurora Borealis 7:48
3 Grooving 6:55
4 Being 6:31
5 Pluto 3:54

Tenor Saxophone - Frank Wright
Alto Saxophone, Composed By - Noah Howard
Drums - Arthur Taylor
Piano - Bobby Few

Recorded 1970 in Paris.

This is the album of Frank Wright as leader. But all titels are written by Noah Howard. Frank Wright, Noah Howard and Bobby Few recorded others such as Church Number 9, One for John. But, both have Muhamed Ali as drumer. But in this album, Art Taylor partipates. I think it is rare that Art Taylor played in free jazz work. Not bad play, I guess.

The first title "Orient Mood" has same theme of "Mt Fuji" in Howard's work "Black Ark" recorded in1969. Accordting to my friend studying Japanese music, the pentatonic scale of this theme is not used in traditional music of Japan.
This is rather Chinese music, he said.

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  1. Amazing set! thanks a lot... new to me [:-)
    peace, E-mile

  2. Frank Wright and Noah Howard of this tims is very powerful and exiting, though Frank's music changed into normal and traditional style, several years after this, as most of other free players of 1960s went too.