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Noah Howard - Live at Village Vanguard (1972) - Another

Noah Howard - Live at Village Vanguard (1972) - Another

New York City (USA), Village Vanguard
August 1972

Noah Howard - alto sax
Frank Lowe - tenor sax
Richard Dunbar - french horn
Robert Bruno - piano
Earl Freeman - bass
Art Lewis - drums, percussion
Mustapha Rahim - percussion

1. unknown (27:28)
2. Greensleaves (trad) 19:30 [glitch/duplication at end? cuts out]

This is another "Live at Village Vanguard " of Noah Howard on August 1972.
I found out this on the another blog.

Back members are diffierent from the previous one, two horns of Noah Howard and Frank Lowe are
main front line.

Noah Howard - Live At The Village Vanguard (1972)

Noah Howard - Live At The Village Vanguard

A1 Back A´Town Blues 12:42
A2 Conversation 8:33
B Dedication (To Albert Ayler) 14:34

Noah Howard - Alto Saxophone, Tambourine, Bells
Earl Freeman - Bass
Juma Sutan - Congas, Timbales
Rashied Ali - Rashied Ali
Robert Bruno - Piano
Frank Lowe - Tenor Saxophone, Bells

Recorded live at the Village Vanguard, New York City, 22nd August 1972

I found out two albums of live of Noah Howard at Village Vanguard on August 1972.
This live was held on August 22, 1972.

Ripped from vinyl.

Steve Lacy & Cie - The Owl (1979)

Steve Lacy & Cie - The Owl (1979)


1. Somebody Special
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - Brion Gysin 6:47
2. Blinks
Written-By - Steve Lacy 7:22
3. The Owl
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - Guillaume Apollinaire 5:31

4 Wish
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - F. Picabia* 5:57
5 Spell
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - Salvador Dali* 3:44
6 Lesson
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - Dr. G. Ozahwa 8:10
7 Notre Vie
Music By - Steve Lacy
Lyrics By - Paul Eluard* 4:37

Alto Saxophone - Steve Potts
Bass, Cello - Kent Carter
Cornet - Lawrence Butch* (tracks: B1 to B4)
Drums - Oliver Johnson
Keyboards - Takashi Kako
Soprano Saxophone - Steve Lacy
Voice, Violin, Cello - Irene Aebi
Zither [Autoharp], Kora, Percussion [Cheng] - Jean-Jacques Avenel

Recorded in 1979, Studios Davout

Another work of S. Lacy of 70s.

David Murray - 3D Family (1978)

David Murray - 3D Family (1978)

1 In Memory Of Jomo Kenyatta 9:20
2 Patricia 17:33
3 3D Family (For Walter P. Murray) 18:27
4 Shout Song (For Cecil Taylor) 23:45

Double Bass - Johnny Mbizo Dyani
Percussion - Andrew Cyrille
Tenor Saxophone - David Murray

Recorded live September 3, 1978 at Jazzfestival Willisau '78.

Yound David Murray plays in good energy and high level. I love him in that period.

Steve Lacy - Raps(1977)

Steve Lacy - Raps(1977)

A1 Stamps 6:50
A2 No Baby
Voice - Oliver Johnson 9:15
A3 The Throes 3:55
B1 Raps 7:22
B2 Blinks 12:35

Bass [Acoustic] - Ron Miller
Drums - Oliver Johnson
Saxophone [Alto] - Steve Potts (tracks: A1, A3, B2)
Saxophone [Soprano] - Steve Potts (tracks: A2, B1)
Saxophone [Soprano], Composed By - Steve Lacy

Recorded on 29 January 1977 at Blue Rock Studios, NYC.

One of S. Lacy's 70s works. I love his music of that period because of Nice blend and balance between

traditionality, avangarde, composition and improvisation. Also interesting ensemble with almost permanent members.

Ripped from vinyl.

vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Jemeel Moondoc - Quartet Muntu - The Athens Concert(1982)

Jemeel Moondoc - Quartet Muntu - The Athens Concert(1982)

A Konstanze's Delight 21:55
B Judy's Bounce 20:07

Alto Saxophone, Producer, Composed By - Jemeel Moondoc
Bass - Jay Oliver
Drums - Stephen McCraven
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Roy Campbell Jr.

Recorded live during "Praxis Jazz '82" festival at Alambra Theatre, Athens, March 22, 1982.

Jemeel Moondoc's live recording on 80s. This loft jazz man has unique sonority and atomospher.

Ripped from viny.

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

The Sea Ensemble - We Move Together (1974)

The Sea Ensemble - We Move Together (1974)

Tracklist Hide Credits

1 Ride Tiger To Mountain
Drums - Zuzaan
Drums, Voice - Rafael 1:35
2 Wave Hands Like Clouds
Shakuhachi - Rafael, Zuzaan 6:14
3 Snake Creeps Down
Sheng - Rafael
Cello - Zuzaan 3:47
4 Needle Of Sea Bottom
Clarinet - Rafael
Piano - Zuzaan 7:40
5 Stork Cools Its Wings
Bass, Voice - Rafael
Voice - Zuzaan 19:55

The sea ensemble .. Duo ensemble of the husband and wife of that time ... Donald Rafael Garrett, Zusaan

Fasteau Garrett... bore several albums.

Donald Rafael Garrett is known for participation to several John Coltrane's album in late years.

samedi 23 juillet 2011

Carla Bley - Mike Mantler - Steve Lacy - Jazz Realities(1966)

Carla Bley - Mike Mantler - Steve Lacy - Jazz Realities

A1 Doctor 7:45
A2 Oni Puladi 5:25
A3 J.S. 3:35
B1 Walking Batterie Woman 6:18
B2 Closer 5:30
B3 Communications No. 7 9:34

Bass - Kent Carter
Drums - Aldo Romano
Piano - Carla Bley
Soprano Saxophone - Steve Lacy
Trumpet - Mike Mantler

Written-By Carla Bley (tracks: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2), Mike Mantler (tracks: A3, B1, B3)

Recorded in Baarn, Holland, January 11, 1966.

A clasic master piece!

jeudi 21 juillet 2011

New Dalta Ahkri - Song Of Humanity (1977)

New Dalta Ahkri - Song Of Humanity (Kanto Pri Homaro)

01 Songs Of Humanity 5:13
02 Lexicon 7:40
03 Peacocks, Gazelles, Dogwood Trees & Six Silver Coins 8:30
04 Of Blues And Dreams 11:03
05 Pneuma 1:34
06 Tempio 6:59
07 Play Ebony Play Ivory 27:12

Composed By - Anthony Davis (tracks: 02, 04), Leo Smith (tracks: 01,03,05,06)
Double Bass, Flute [Atenteben], Flute [Odurogyaba], Producer - Wes Brown
Drums, Percussion - Paul Maddox
Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Percussion - Oliver Lake
Piano, Piano [Electric], Producer - Anthony Davis
Trumpet [Soprano], Trumpet, Trumpet [Pocket], Flugelhorn, Horn [Seal Horn], Flute [Atenteben], Percussion [Steelophone], Percussion, Producer, Design - Leo Smith

Recorded August 4, 1976 at the Gallery, Hartford, Connect

Sunny Murray The Untouchable Factor - Charred Earth(1977)

Sunny Murray The Untouchable Factor - Charred Earth(1977)

A1 Charred Earth
Written-By - Sunny Murray 12:00

A2 Seven Steps To Heaven
Written-By - Davis, Feldman 9:00

B1 Tree Tops
Written-By - Sunny Murray 6:00

B2 Happiness Tears
Written-By - Sunny Murray 6:00

B3 Peace
Written-By - H. Silver* 8:00


Bass - Bob Reid
Drums - Sunny Murray
Piano - Dave Burrell
Reeds - Byard Lancaster

Recorded January 1, 1977

Beautiful and lyrical soprano (sopranino?) sax by Byard Lancaster in title tune is very impressive.
Spiritual atomospher is all around the album.

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Walter Zuber Armstrong - High Places(1977)

Walter Zuber Armstrong - High Places


Track list:

Side A
High Places
Musicians: Walter Zuber Armstrong-Bass Clarinet, Paul Plimley-Piano

Side B
High Places
Musicians: Walter Zuber Armstrong-Contrabass Clalinet, Bass Clarinet, Paul Plimley-Piano

Compositions by Walter Zuber Armstrong

Produced by Walter Zuber Armstrong Productions
Cover design : Sheila Miller
Sound production : Gerald S. Adamus

Recorded Live at the Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Wash, USA, March 06, 1977

As long as I know, by this, all albums of Walter Zuber Armstrong are uploaded in this blog.

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Frank Wright - One For John (1969)

Frank Wright - One For John

As I found out big cricking noise on the track "China" of previous link, I upload new file.

Frank Wright: tenor saxophone
Noah Howard: alto saxophone
Bobby Few: piano
Mohamed Ali: drums

Red Snapper: Paul Murphy at CBS

Red Snapper: Paul Murphy at CBS

Track Listing0

Sailing Out

Setting Out

The Scenery I

Wild Reed

Steppin' Out 1

The Scenery 2

Reeding Room

Steppin' Out 2

The Scenery 3

Steppin' Out 3

Steepin' Up

Mellow 1

Mellow 2

Innocent Incidents

Duo 1

Duo 2

Duo 3

Red Snapper, Pt. 1

Red Snapper, Pt. 2

Credits : Paul Murphy at CBSBob RuschProducer
Ted BrosnanEngineer
Karen BorcaBassoon
Hillary J. RyanLayout Design
Maryanne DriscollPiano, Liner Notes, Producer, Vocals
Dewey JohnsonTrumpet
Jimmy LyonsSax (Alto)

Anthony Braxton - Trio And Duet(1974)

Anthony Braxton - Trio And Duet(1974)

A HM 421 (RTS) 47
Synthesizer [Moog], Percussion ? Richard Teitelbaum
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trumpet [Pocket], Percussion, Performer [Small Instruments] - Leo Smith
Clarinet, Clarinet [Contrabass], Percussion [Chimes], Bass Drum - Anthony Braxton 19:00

B1 The Song Is You 12:00
B2 Embraceable You 5:39
B3 You Go To My Head 8:33

Bass - Dave Holland (tracks: B1 to B3)
Saxophone [Alto] - Anthony Braxton (tracks: B1 to B3)

Recorded at Thunder Sound, Toronto, Canada.

Human Arts Ensemble – Funky Donkey (1973)

Luther Thomas Human Arts Ensemble* Directs Saint Louis, Missouri Creative Ensemble, The – Funky Donkey Vols. I & II

Tracklist .
1 Funky Donkey 20:01
2 Una New York 18:07
3 Intensity 26:11

Bass [Fender] – Eric Foreman
Drums – Charles Bobo Shaw
Guitar – Marvin Horne
Percussion – Abdella Ya Kum, Rocky Washington
Recorded By – Steve Fuller
Reeds – J.D.Parran
Reissue Producer – John Corbett
Saxophone [Alto] – Luther Thomas
Trombone – Joseph Bowie
Trumpet – Floyd LeFlore, Harold Pudgey Atterbury, Lester Bowie

Recorded at Berea Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri in the fall of 1973

Revolutionary Ensemble - The People's Republic

Revolutionary Ensemble - The People's Republic

Leroy Jenkins: violin, viola, percussion, vocals
Jerome Cooper: drums, percussion, piano, bugle, vocals
Sirone: bass, percussion, trombone, vocals

As previous one's file can not open title 4 "People's republic", I took my lp and ripped in mp3.

Oliver Lake - Prophet (1980)

Oliver Lake - Prophet

1 Hat And Beard 7:00
2 Something Sweet, Something Tender 4:30
3 Poster 6:25
4 The Prophet 7:05
5 Cotton IV 7:40
6 Firm And Ripe 6:45

Alto Saxophone, Producer - Oliver Lake
Composed By - Eric Dolphy (tracks: 1, 2, 4), Oliver Lake (tracks: 3, 5, 6)
Drums - Pheeroan Ak Laff
Electric Bass - Jerry Harris
Piano - Donald Smith
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Baikida Carrol

Recorded on 11, 12 August 1980 at Sound Heights Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Very tight and cool plays. Wonderful!

vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Sunny Murray - Big Chief (1969)

Sunny Murray - Big Chief (1969)

-- Better quality mp3 ripped directly from vinyl is linked --

A1 Angels And Devils
Written-By J. Coursil / Sunny Murray 5:14
A2 Hilarious Paris 5:30
A3 Now We Know 7:44
B1 Angel Son 7:30
B2 Straight Ahead
Written-By Le Roy Bibbs/ Sunny Murray 9:30
B3 This Nearly Was Mine
Arranged By Sunny Murray
Written By Rodgers 5:12

Sunny Murray - Drums, Percussion, Written-By, Reissue Producer
Beb Guerin - Bass
Becky Friend - Flute
Francois Tusques - Piano
Ronnie Beer - Alto sax
Kenneth Terroade - Tenor sax
Bernard Vitet - Trumpet
Alan Silva - Violin
H. Le Roy King - Voice (Poem)

Michel Le Bris - Reissue producer
Remastered - Michael King
Eric Schou - Design (Sleeve remix)

Recorded at Studio E.T.A., rue de l'Abbe-Gregoire, Paris.

This is Sunny Murray's leader album during Paris days at the end of 1960s.
Not only strong emotional power, also lylical tranguility makes this album different from uninteresting
and ordinal noisy free jazz.

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears(1974)

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears

Side A
1. Orange fish tears
2. Forest scorpion

Side B:
1. Rue roger
2. Porte D' Orleans

Baikida e.j. Carroll - trp, flh, seal horn, perc.
Olver Lake - ss, as, ts, fl, bamboo fl, perc.
Nana Vasconcelos - perc.
Manuel Villardel - ac piano, elc piano, perc.

rec. at Paris, June 1974, 3,4,5

This is the first leader album of Baikida Carroll. It seems there was no repress in vinyl, no issuance in CD. So this seems rare item.

As is the first album sometimes, Baikida tries to show various aspects of his music interests. That is, the first track is very spiritual and tranquill. The second track has taste of ethinic music. On repeting rhythm pattern on percussion, which reminds us of Latin American dance. The third is duo of Baikida and Oliver in abstract form which is one of free improvisation form Roscoe Mirchell likes. The fourth number is collective free improvisation style of AACM / BAG. This shows his good charcteristics of BAG member.

Somebody kindly uploaded new rip in flac. So I changed link to this new one.

samedi 9 juillet 2011

Leroy Jenkins With Andrew Cyrille & Anthony Davis - The Legend Of Al Glatson(1978)

Leroy Jenkins With Andrew Cyrille & Anthony Davis - The Legend Of Al Glatson

Tracklist .
A1 Al Glatston 10:33
A2 Brax Stone 8:53
B1 Albert Ayler (His Life Was Too Short) 4:06
B2 Tuesday Child 5:22
B3 What Goes Around Comes Around 8:28

Violin, Composed By - Leroy Jenkins
Piano - Anthony Davis
Percussion - Andrew Cyrille

Design - Gigi" Barbieri
Engineer - "Michel" Carlo Martenet
Photography - Giuseppe Pino
Producer - Giacomo Pellicciotti
Producer [Assistant] - Walter Prati

Recorded in July 1978 at GRS STUDIOS, Milano

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Globe Unity (1967)

Alexander von Schlippenbach - Globe Unity

Tracklist Credits:
A Globe Unity 20:12
B Sun

Triangle - Manfred Schoof
Pandeiro - Gunter Hampel
Whistle [Duck Call] - Gerd Dudeck
Performer [Siren, Right Channel] - Buschi Niebergall
Bells [Small, Left Channel] - Peter Kowald
Flute [Zorna, Lotus Flute Ii], Saxophone [Alto] - Kris Wanders
Guiro - Peter Brotzmann
Flute [Lotus Flute I] - Claude Deron
Rattle - Willem Breuker
Maracas - Willi Lietzmann
Vibraphone - Karlhanns Berger
Performer [Knife, Flexafon] - Alexander von Schlippenbach
Percussion [Tam Tam, Woodblocks, Mani Tom, Right Channel], Gong [Right Channel], Tabla [Right Channel] - Mani Neumeier
Drums [Kettledrums, Left Channel], Percussion [Temple Blocks, Left Channel], Goblet Drum [Left Channel] - Jackie Liebezeit 20:34

Artwork By [Cover Design, Layout] - Gigi Berendt
Artwork By [Cover Painting] - Henry Garde
Bass [Left Channel] - Peter Kowald
Bass [Right Channel] - Buschi Niebergall
Clarinet [Bass], Flute - Gunter Hampel
Composed By, Conductor, Piano, Bells [Tubular], Percussion [Tam Tam], Gong - Alexander von Schlippenbach
Cornet, Flugelhorn - Manfred Schoof
Drums [Left Channel] - Jackie Liebezeit
Drums [Right Channel] - Mani Neumeier

Engineer - Gert Lemnitz
Photography - Uwe Oldenburg
Producer - Joachim E. Berendt
Saxophone [Alto] - Peter Brotzmann
Saxophone [Baritone, Soprano] - Willem Breuker
Saxophone [Baritone] - Kris Wanders
Saxophone [Tenor] - Gerd Dudeck
Technician [Recording Director] - Willi Fruth
Trumpet - Claude Deron
Tuba - Willi Lietzmann

Recorded December 6/7, 1966 at Ariola Studio Cologne.

lundi 4 juillet 2011

Byard Lancaster - Clint Jackson III - Mother Africa(1974)

Byard Lancaster - Clint Jackson III - Mother Africa

A We The Blessed
B Mother Africa (In 3 Parts)

Alto Saxophone, Vocals - William Byard Lancaster
Bass - Jean-Francois Catoire
Congas, Bells - Keno Speller
Drums Jonathan Dickinson
Trumpet, Bells - Clint Jackson III

Recorded at Studio PALM, Paris le 8-3-74

samedi 2 juillet 2011

Walter Zuber Armstrong & Steve Lacy - Alter Ego(1979)

Walter Zuber Armstrong & Steve Lacy - Alter Ego

Steve Lacy - Sax (Soprano)
Walter Zuber Armstrong - Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Soprano), Flute (Wood), Double Bass

1. Alter Ego - 26:16
2. Cut 1 - 12:17
3. Alter Ego - 24:06
4. Cut 2 - 3:09

Recorded live at BMI-house, October 13, 1979 in Amsterdam, Holland

Same series of "Call Notes" up in this blog.
Enjoy it!