samedi 2 juillet 2011

Walter Zuber Armstrong & Steve Lacy - Alter Ego(1979)

Walter Zuber Armstrong & Steve Lacy - Alter Ego

Steve Lacy - Sax (Soprano)
Walter Zuber Armstrong - Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Soprano), Flute (Wood), Double Bass

1. Alter Ego - 26:16
2. Cut 1 - 12:17
3. Alter Ego - 24:06
4. Cut 2 - 3:09

Recorded live at BMI-house, October 13, 1979 in Amsterdam, Holland

Same series of "Call Notes" up in this blog.
Enjoy it!

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  1. ongelooflijk! (unbelievable!) excuse my Dutch, what can I say but a great BIG thank you?
    THANKS [:-)

  2. I believe funs of Zuber Armstrong are around the world though numbers are small. And works are difficult to be got. So I made efforts to upload his works concentratingly.

  3. This duo recording are divided into two albums. One is
    this one "Alter Ego". Another one is "Call Notes" that is introduced on this blog too.

    In a few of tracks of "Call Notes" (another one)on this blog, feeling like, starting parts are cut. For example, in cut 2, Armstrong's flute tones sounds cut in the head.

    Is original recording like so?
    Does anybody know this?

  4. I just stumbled across your site for the first time, and my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the Walter Zuber Armstrongs. Thanks so much for posting these!!! There are a few other items that have been on my wishlist for years lurking here as well, and I'll thank you as I go. Thanks again. So glad St Anthony braved the desert...

  5. I have same experiences that, after years of search, I could find out upload of free music works at blogs. I was so happy.

  6. I took this file of "Call Notes" from another blog. And reply was written on that blog. The file was ripped from LP. So starting position of a few tracks are cut in original LP already.