lundi 4 juillet 2011

Byard Lancaster - Clint Jackson III - Mother Africa(1974)

Byard Lancaster - Clint Jackson III - Mother Africa

A We The Blessed
B Mother Africa (In 3 Parts)

Alto Saxophone, Vocals - William Byard Lancaster
Bass - Jean-Francois Catoire
Congas, Bells - Keno Speller
Drums Jonathan Dickinson
Trumpet, Bells - Clint Jackson III

Recorded at Studio PALM, Paris le 8-3-74

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  1. I am grateful to have this. The releases on Palm are treasures. This one a buried treasure until now! Many thanks.

  2. As much as I am loving all this nostaglia material how about some more recent material again the future I say :-)

  3. Thank you for your frank opinion,

    Frankly speaking, all most all free and improvisation musics are old ones. I have very little quatitiy of recent ones. So I can upload nostalgic ones only. But considering narrow range of funs of free and improvisation music among music lovers, I believe it is worthwhile to introduce old free musics, in order to let music funs to know this genre.

    I wonder recently why only myself upload links on this site. Why nobody has done so for these months? Maybe because of a few claims to this site regarding uploading of recent musics?

  4. here is one as a thank for some good music that you put around

    Byard Lancaster Trio - 1999 (Soultrane SRC 1004)

  5. only megaupload link is alive

  6. I stopped my upload because a lot of claims from labels and I'm too involved into another blog, no time anymore.

  7. Many thanks for your fantastic blog, I love this kind of music.