lundi 30 mai 2011

Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange(1973)

Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe - Duo Exchange

Label:Survival Records

1 Exchange - Part 1 (Side A)
2 Exchange - Side 2 (Side B)

Drums, Percussion - Rashied Ali
Saxophone [Tenor], Flute [Japanese], Percussion - Frank Lowe

Joseph Bowie & Oliver Lake (1976)

Joseph Bowie & Oliver Lake

Sackville Recordings
Tracklist .
A1 Zaki 13:35
A2 Orange Butterflies 10:30
B1 After Assistance 9:46
B2 Universal Justice 6:00
B3 A Space Rontoto 7:25

Flute, Saxophone - Oliver Lake
Trombone - Joseph Bowie

Recorded on April 10 (Tracks A1, B2) and 11 (Tracks A2, B1, B3), 1976

Exciting duo of two wind instruments in the middle of 70s.
Ripped from a cassette recording a vinly.

mercredi 18 mai 2011

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Impressions (1982)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Impressions

01. Impressions 22:25
02. Impressions 21:46

Henry 'Light' Huff
Ed Wilkerson
Kahil El'Zabar

Recorded June 1981 in Bologna, Italy.

This is the 2nd album of Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. Following improvisation style of AACM, only one title covers both side A & B. Very "impressive

Luther Thomas - 11th Street Fire Suite (1978)

Luther Thomas - 11th Street Fire Suite

Luther Thomas, alto saxophone, small instruments, recitation
Luther C. Petty, flute, small instruments

Side One (22:18)
1st Movement - Since I Lost My Baby (I almost lost my mind)
2nd Movement - 11th Street Fire
3rd Movement - Charge And Discharge

Side Two (15:52)
4th Movement - Dormin (Methapyrilene Hydrochloride)
5th Movement - The Fire Just Kept On Burning

Recorded September 2nd, 1978 at Studio K., New York, N.Y.

(LP rip)

This rare item was up on the other blog. But that has been deleted, I upload here.

Exciting duet which arises listners' imagination.

mardi 17 mai 2011

Anthony Braxton - New York, Fall 1974

Anthony Braxton - New York, Fall 1974

Anthony Braxton (fl, as, contrabass cl), Kenny Wheeler (tp, flg), Leroy Jenkins-1 (vln), Dave Holland (b), Jerome Cooper (d).
Recorded at Generation Sound, NYC, September 27, 1974

Opus 23B
Opus 23C
Opus 23D
Opus 23A -1

Anthony Braxton (cl), Richard Teitelbaum (Moog synth).
Recorded at Generation Sound, NYC, October 16, 1974

Opus 38A

Anthony Braxton (sopranino s), Julius Hemphill (as), Oliver Lake (ts), Hamiet Bluiett (bari)
Recorded at Generation Sound, NYC, October 16, 1974

Opus 37

This is the first recording for Arista. This ominibus style work mainly shows post-bop aspects of Anthony.

Ted Daniel Quinetet - Tapestry(1974)

Ted Daniel Quinetet - Tapestry

1. Tapestry
2. Sweet Dreams (For Your Eyes)
3. Mozambique

Tim Ingles - "non fretted" electric bass w/ wah wah pedal
Jerome Cooper - drums
Khan Jamal - vibraphone
Richard Daniel - electric fender rhodes w/ leslie speaker, wah wah pedal and echoplex
Ted Daniel - fluegel horn on all tracks

recorded at artists house on january 26, 1974
produced by noah howard for altsax productions

lundi 16 mai 2011

Anthony Braxton - The Montreux/Berlin Concerts (1977)

Anthony Braxton - The Montreux/Berlin Concerts (1977)

I/ Anthony Braxton (sopranino s, as, cl, contrabass cl), Kenny Wheeler (tp), Dave Holland (b), Barry Altschul (d, perc, gongs).
Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, July 20, 1975
Engineer: John Temperley

Opus 40N
Opus 23J
Opus 40(O)

II/ Anthony Braxton (sopranino s, as, contrabass s, fl, cl), George Lewis (tb), Dave Holland (b), Barry Altschul (d, perc).
Recorded live at the Berlin Philharmonie, November 4, 1976
Engineer: Carlos Albrecht

Opus 6F
Opus 40K
Opus 6C

III/ Anthony Braxton (sopranino s, contrabass cl), George Lewis (tb), the Berlin New Music Group, Herr Hummel (cond).
Recorded live at the Berlin Philharmonie, November 6, 1976
Engineer: Carlos Albrecht

Opus 63

Although I recoginize this ablumb has been already up on this blog, that does not include Opus 63. As I obtained the version including Opus 63, I upload here.

Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee, Jimmy Lyons - Nuba(1979)

Andrew Cyrille, Jeanne Lee, Jimmy Lyons - Nuba

Tracklist :
1. Nuba 1
Written-By - Andrew Cyrille 7:27

2. Cornbread Picnic (Maize)
Written-By - Andrew Cyrille 4:58

3. The One Before Zero
Written-By - Andrew Cyrille 5:23

4. JJ&A
Written By - J. Lyons - J. Lee - A. Cyrille
Written-By - A. Cyrille, J. Lee, J. Lyons 5:12

5. In These Last Days
Written-By - Jeanne Lee 7:35

6. Sorry
Written-By - Jimmy Lyons 6:58

7. Nuba 2
Written-By - Andrew Cyrille 7:50

Alto Saxophone - Jimmy Lyons
Drums, Percussion - Andrew Cyrille
Voice, Lyrics By [Poetry] - Jeanne Lee

Recorded in June 1979 at Fontana Studio 7, Milano.

Very interesting collaboration in three musicians. Although Andrew Cyrille and Jimmy Lyons were member of Cecil Taylor unit, music of this album is quite different from that unit.

samedi 14 mai 2011

Glissando Bin Laden - Drone Level Orange

GBL - Drone Level Orange (Carrier, 2009)

Jim Altieri: violin
Caroline Mallonée: violin
Meighan Stoops: bass clarinet
Alex Ness: laptop, vocals
Sam Pluta: laptop

01-Rumble 7
02-PP's Dream Starring Harry Partch
03-Bees in Space
04-The Road
05-Hebe Holding


Burkhard Beins, Michael Thieke, Luca Venitucci - Roman Tics

Burkhard Beins, Michael Thieke, Luca Venitucci - Roman Tics (Cathnor, 2008)

Burkhard Beins: percussion, zither, objects
Michael Thieke: clarinet, zither
Luca Venitucci: accordion, preparations

01-Roman Tics

vendredi 13 mai 2011

Ted Daniel - Ted Daniel Sextet (1970)

Ted Daniel - Ted Daniel Sextet

Tracklist .
1 Congratulations
2 Pagan Spain
3 O.C.
4 The Kicker
5 Otis' Song

Alto Saxophone - Otis Harris
Bass - Hakim Jami, Richard Pierce
Percussion - Kenneth Hughes, Warren Benbow
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn [French Hunting Horn], Bugle [Moroccan Bugle], Producer - Ted Daniel

Recorded October 15, 1970, at Saint Paul's Chapel, Columbia University.

Two more tracks are added as compared to original vinyl.

jeudi 12 mai 2011

Jon Appleton & Don Cherry - Human Music(1970)

Jon Appleton & Don Cherry - Human Music

1 BOA 13:15
2 OBA 7:30
3 ABO 11:00
4 BAO 9:43
5 Don 2:12
6 Jon 2:35

Composed By, Flute, Kalimba, Drums [Earthquake], Cornet - Don Cherry
Composed By, Synthesizer, Electronics - Jon Appleton

For synthesizer with various instruments.

Realized at the Bregman Electronic Music Studio, Dartmouth College, Hanover (New Hampshire, USA).

lundi 9 mai 2011



A1 The Beginning
A2 Moving
A3 On The Footpath
B1 Spiritual Nature
B2 Epilogue

MT - perc, celesta
Sadao Watanabe - fl, sn,a
Shigeo Suzuki - fl, ss
Masami Nakagawa - fl, bfl
Masahiko Satoh - p, marimba, glockenspeil
Keiki Midorikawa - cello, b
Yoshio Ikeda - b
Shohji Nakayama - perc
Yoshisaburoh Toyozumi - perc
Noboru Tanaka - perc

Composed By, Arranged By, Directed By - Masahiko Togashi

Live recording April 9, 1975 at Kohseinenkin-Kaikan, Tokyo
except 5 at Victor Studio, Tokyo April 29, 1975

Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey - First Duo Concert(1974)

Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey - First Duo Concert

Tracklist :
1 The First Set - Area 1 8:22
2 The First Set - Area 2 3:12
3 The First Set - Area 3 (Open) 8:44
4 The First Set - Area 4 (Solo) 2:43
5 The First Set - Area 5 5:21
6 The First Set - Area 6 6:08
7 The Second Set - Area 7 6:48
8 The Second Set - Area 8 6:23
9 The Second Set - Area 9 (Solo) 5:56
10 The Second Set - Area 10 4:29
11 The Second Set - Area 11 (Open) 15:29
12 The Second Set - Area 12 3:57

Anthony Braxton - fl, cl (normal, soprano, contrabass), as, s-nino sax
Derek Bailey - guitar (amplified & 19-string (approx))

Analogue concert recordings made in London in the Wigmore Hall - 1974 June 30

This duo is in very different features of Dave Holland and Sam Rivers. Two musicians of very different characteristics build up very unique sound world. To my feeling the way of their duo is not in collaboration of usual meaning. For example track no 10, is combination of repeating simple pentatonic by Antony's clarinet and abstract and more small phrase by Derek's guitar. If these were played seperately, these are not so interested music. But playing these very different kinds sound makes up unique sound.

Dave Holland & Sam Rivers (1976)

Dave Holland / Sam Rivers

1/ Vol 1.

A Waterfall 17:08
B Cascade 21:19

Dave Holland - Bass
Sam Rivers - SS track A, TS track B

Composed By - Sam Rivers

Recorded at Big Apple Studio, New York City, February 18, 1976.

2/ Vol 2

A Ripples 23:49
B Deluge 23:23

Dave Holland - Bass
Sam Rivers - Fl, P

Composed By - Sam Rivers

Recorded at Big Apple Studio, New York City, February 18, 1976.

Four pieces of Duo of Dave Holland and Sam Rivers. Sam changes his instrument in each piece, namely, Tenor sax, Soprano sax, Flute and Piano. Their improvisations are imaginative and creative. But not too much freeky and avand-garde. I guess these pieces could be acceptable by main-stream jazz fun.

dimanche 8 mai 2011

Dafeldecker, Kurzmann, Drumm, eRikm, Dieb13, Noetinger


Werner Dafeldecker: bass, electronics
Christof Kurzmann: computer, clarinet
Kevin Drumm: guitar, synthesizer
eRikm: electronics
Dieb13: turntables
Jérôme Noetinger: electroacoustics devices

The first release on clarinetist and laptopper Christof Kurzmann's Charhizma imprint in 1999 teamed him up with Polwechsel's Werner Dafeldecker on double bass and electronics and guests Kevin Drumm, Christian Fennesz, and Jim O'Rourke. On this follow-up album, with the same garish fluorescent (green this time) cover art by Fineder and Winkler, Dafeldecker and Kurzmann are joined by Drumm, eRikm, Dieb13, and Jérôme Noetinger on various electronic devices. Sourced from concert recordings from Berlin, Graz, and Vienna in 2000 and 2001, the five tracks are mixed together to form a continuous 48 minute arc of music that disappears down a hole only to return eight minutes later with the obligatory ghost track (yawn) to round off the total CD duration to exactly one hour. The dark, woody tones of Dafeldecker's bass and flutters of Kurzmann's fragile clarinet fit well with Noetinger's lo-fi electronics and Dieb13's gritty turntablism, and Kurzmann's affection for techno is evident from time to time in his fondness for gently clicking loops. The album is sedate but not without touches of humor, notably from Marseille DJ eRikm's prepared piano and shotgun samples.(from AMG)


vendredi 6 mai 2011

Anthony Braxton - Silence(1969)

Anthony Braxton - Silence

A Off The Top Of My Head
B Silence


Anthony Braxton - Reeds, (Misc. Instruments), Producer
Leo Smith - Trumpet, (Misc. Instruments), Producer
Leroy Jenkins - Violin, (Misc. Instruments), Producer

Recorded on 18 July 1969 in Paris.

jeudi 5 mai 2011

Jean-Luc Guionnet - Non-Organic Bias

JEAN-LUC GUIONNET - Non-Organic Bias (Herbal International, 2009)

Jean-Luc Guionnet: organ

01-Non-Organic Bias
02-Espace Bas

Jean-Luc Guionnet is a fascinating artist to follow: free saxophonist, organist, electroacoustician – his art is hard to pinpoint or even grasp. Non-Organic Bias is a double CD culling three works for organ from 1995 to 2005. Everything here is slow-paced, serious, and minimal. “Estuaire” could moonlight as a study on sensory deprivation: it growls subvocally for 54 minutes, and that’s it. Or is it? Once your ears reset and your mind switches into contemplative mode, suddenly the microvariations spring to view, along with the flappings and the organicness of this living being that is the organ, stripped from the heavy cultural mantle of notes that covers its breathing. “Espace bas” (50 minutes) starts the same way but expands to reach a deafening level of resonance. This is not Guionnet’s most listener-friendly or striking record, and you better be patient.
- François Couture -

CD1 / CD2

mercredi 4 mai 2011

Music Revelation Ensemble - No Wave(1980)

Music Revelation Ensemble - No Wave

A1 Time Table 10:00
A2 Big Tree 8:45
B1 Baby Talk 9:36
B2 Sound Check 8:06

Drums, Percussion - Ronald Shannon Jackson
Electric Bass - Amin Ali
Guitar, Vocals - James Blood Ulmer
Tenor Saxophone - David Murray

Composed By - James Blood Ulmer

Recorded at: Studio 57, Dusseldorf, June 1980

Ten years trial, since 1970, of amalgamating jazz / improvisation / funk / electricity borne this outstanding fruit.
These elements are blooming on Ornette Coleman's Hamorodics theory with exitment and buty.

John Tchicai - Cadentia Nova Danica (1968)

John Tchicai - Cadentia Nova Danica

1 Inside Thule 7:11
2 Lilanto Del Indio 3:09
3 Kirsten 12:10
4 Orga Fleur Super Asam (a) / Nova (b) 14:53
5 Pa Tirsdag 5:13

Bass - Steffen Andersen
Percussion - Giorgio Musoni , Ivan Krill
Saxophone [Alto], Percussion - John Tchicai , Karsten Vogel
Saxophone [Baritone], Piano - Max Bruel
Trombone - Kim Menzer
Trumpet - Hugh Steinmetz
Written-By - Tchicai (tracks: 2 to 4(a), 5) , Vogel (tracks: 1, 4(b))

Recorded in Koncervatriet, Aarhus, Denmark on October 27, 1968

Marvelous work! Atmosphere of Scandinavia is expressed in quite beautiful manner
by free jazz ensemble. I found the file of in another blog has been deleted. So I want to introduce this outstanding music. This is ripped from old vinyl. Sound is not
very high. Sorry. Hoping excellency of this music could get over sound quality.

George Lewis - George Lewis(1978)

George Lewis - George Lewis

A1 Monads
Roscoe Mitchell - ss
Douglas Ewart - bcl
George Lewis - alt tbn, tnr tbn
Abdul Wadud - vcl
Leroy Jenkins - vln
Anthony Davis - p

A2 Triple Slow Mix
George Lewis - susaphone
Anthony Davis - p (right channel)
Muhal Richard Abrams - p (left channel)

B1 Cycle
Doubla Ewart - cl, bassoon, sopranino sax, perc
George Lewis - moog synth, tnr tbn, wagner tuba

B2 Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)
George Lewis - tnr tbn, wagner tuba, susaphone, other(sound-tube)
Muhal Richard Abrams - p
Douglas Ewart - fl, ewart bamboo fl, other(cassette recorder/recitation], perc.
Leroy Jenkins - vla
Abdul Wadud - vcl

Recorded at Generation Sound Studios, New York City

This is the 2nd album of George Lewis in Black Saint. As intlligent musician, together with friends of AACM, he exapnds experimental world in music wider and deeper. Every title has different combination players and instruments. Muscial pointillism, which Roscoe Mitchell was questing in one time, becomes strong and apparent.

Joe McPhee - Pieces of light(1974)

Joe McPhee - Pieces of light

Side A:
Prologue / Twelve
Shadow Sculptures

Side B:
Les Heros Sont Fatigues
Red Giant
Windows In Dreams / Colors In Crystal

Joe McPhee- tp,flh, Eflat altohorn, pocket cornet,ts,fl, modified nagoya harp, ceramic wind chimes,
bird chimes, bamboo wind chimes, voices

John Snyder - ARP synth

Rec: April 1974 West park NYC, USA

This is duo collaboration between Joe and John.

John's ARP synthesizer reminds us of time when synthesizer was very experimental and unique device, which provoked artist who wanted to try something new, though not all could succeed.

This is ripped from vinyl.

Harold E. Smith - Mike Kull - Joe McPhee - Trinity (1972)

Harold E. Smith - Mike Kull - Joe McPhee - Trinity

A Ionization
Written-By - Harold E. Smith, Joe McPhee, Mike Kull 28:30

B1 Astral Spirits
Written-By - McPhee 10:40

B2 Delta
Written-By - Smith*, McPhee*, Kull* 16:10

Harold E. Smith - perc
Mike Kull -p, e-p
Joe McPhee -ts, ss, trp, pocket cornet

Recorded on November 28, 1971 in the Parish Hall, West Park, New York.

From this album, Joe's music begins to have more clear fetures of quest and trial for new expression, getting out of normal "Free jazz" at that time. Result is wonderful by not only Joe but also sharing attitude to seek creativity by other two.

This is ripped from vinyl. Hoping this blog could be good introduction to those who, getting interested in this wonderful music, for purchasing CD or mp3 download for better quality sound.

mardi 3 mai 2011

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears(1974)

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears(1974)

Side A: Orange fish tears
Forest scorpion

Side B: Rue roger
Porte D' Orleans

Baikida e.j. Carroll - trp, flh, seal horn, perc.
Olver Lake - ss, as, ts, fl, bamboo fl, perc.
Nana Vasconcelos - perc.
Manuel Villardel - ac piano, elc piano, perc.

rec. at Paris, June 1974, 3,4,5

This is the first leader album of Baikida Carroll. It seems there was no repress in vinyl, no issuance in CD.
So this seems rare item.

As is the first album sometimes, Baikida tries to show various aspects of his music interests. That is,
the first track is very spiritual and tranquill. The second track has taste of ethinic music. On repeting rhythm pattern on percussion, which reminds us of Latin American
dance. The third is duo of Baikida and Oliver in abstract form which is one of free improvisation form Roscoe Mirchell likes. The fourth number is collective
free improvisation style of AACM / BAG. This shows his good charcteristics of BAG member.

This is ripped from vinyl. When I obtained this, there was repeting scratch on side B, regrettably.
Hoping anyone having this music would upload better one.

Anyway, pls. enjoy this one of the nice "the first album" of musicians.!download|758tl4|451612968||74393

Charles Bobo Shaw & Human Arts Ensemble - Concere Ntasiah (1978)

Charles Bobo Shaw & Human Arts Ensemble - Concere Ntasiah Tracklist

A1 Steam Away Kool 500
A2 Concere Ntasiah
Written-By - Abdul Wadud

B1 Jacki Bee Tee
B2 Be Bo Bo Be

Bass, Electric Bass - Alex Blake
Cello - Abdul Wadud
Drums, Written-By, Producer - Charles "Bobo" Shaw
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar - Francois Nyomo Mantuila
Saxophone [Soprano] - Julius Hemphill
Trombone - Joseph Bowie

Recorded at Studio Rivbea, New York, mastered at The Master Cutting Room, New York

This is ripped from the cassette tape which records original version issued by Universal Justice label. Later, Muse label issued this as P'unk J'zz. In order And title order is changed, namely, Jacki Bee Tee is A2, and Concere Ntasiah is B1.

I found out Muse ver is uploaded. But, in that file, scratch tone continues, which would give disturbance to a listner with
headphone. So I up again this which does not have scratch tone in interrupting level, though sound quality is not ideal as ripped
from the cassette tape, because this is excelent work in spiritual jazz.

Anthony Braxton - This Time...(1970)

Anthony Braxton - This Time...

A1 Composition No 1 13:10
A2 Solo 5:42
B1 Small Composition No 1 2:22
B2 Small Composition No 2 3:03
B3 Small Composition No 3 1:00
B4 Small Composition No 4 1:55
B5 Small Composition No 5 3:30
B6 In The Street 3:56
B7 This Time... 1:45

Drums, Darbouka, Percussion - Steve McCall
Saxophone [Alto], Saxophone [Soprano], Clarinet, Clarinet [contrabass], Flute, Sound Machine, Chimes, Voice - Anthony Braxton
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horns, Logs, Siren - Leo Smith
Violin, Viola, Flute, Mouth Organ, Organ [Hohner] - Leroy Jenkins

Recorded January 1970 in Paris.

One of the greatest early days works of Anthony Braxton. The group recorded this consisted of Anthony Braxton / Leo Smith / Reloy Jenkins /Steve McCall. The group was called Creative Construction Company(CCC). Experimental, unique, humorous, ironical, diverse and creative.

This is ripped from cassette tape. And quality is not so good. If you like this music, pls. buy CD or MP3 download.

Sonny Simmons - Music From The Spheres(1966)

Sonny Simmons - Music From The Spheres(1966)

A1 Resolutions 8:48
A2 Zarak's Symphony 13:00
B1 Balladia 13:03
B2 Dolphy's Day 13:46

Composed By, Saxophone [Alto] - Sonny Simmons
Trumpet - Barbara Donald
Bass - Juney Booth
Drums - Jim Zitro
Piano - Mike Cohen
Tenor Saxophone - Burt Wilson (tracks: B.2)

Recorded December 1966.

I have no idea how this work is known among free jazz / improvisation music lovers. When I heard this music at first time by a vinyl borrowing from the public cunty library when I was student, I was strongly impressed by hot interplay between alto sax and trumpet like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie but very modernized and avant-garde taste. After having much knowledge and experience of listeing to jazz music, I do not think this is so appropriate comparision in terms of influence and historical value. But anyway, this is still very hot and poweful music in my ears.

This is ripped from a cassette tape. So although sound quality is not so ideal, I belive power and hotness can be conveyed.

dimanche 1 mai 2011

George Lewis & Douglas Ewart - Jila/ Save ! Mon./ The Imaginary Suite (1979)

George Lewis & Douglas Ewart - Jila/ Save ! Mon./ The Imaginary Suite (1979)

A1 Jila
A2 Save ! Mon.

B Imaginary Suite
1- Charon
2- The Phoenix

George Lewis: tenor-tbn, perc, electronics
Douglas Ewart: fl, Ewart-fl, as, bcl

This is one of albums of George Lewis in youg days. Characteristics of his music appears very clear in
this. Namely, Side A is duo improvisation with Douglas Ewart, who is same generation collegue of AACM at that time.
Side B is experimental trial with electronics and acoustic instlments.

As total sound is not so abstract and fragmental, easy to listen than its impression.

Giuseppi Logan - More(1966)

Giuseppi Logan - More(1966)

1 - Mantu
Bass - Reggie Johnson 6:11

2 Shebar
Bass - Reggie Johnson 13:18

3 Curve Eleven 8:42

4 Wretched Sunday
Bass - Eddie Gomez 10:48

Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Written-By - Giuseppi Logan
Drums, Percussion - Milford Graves
Piano - Don Pullen

Recorded 1.5.65 at Town Hall. Released in 1966.