mardi 3 mai 2011

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears(1974)

Baikida Carroll - Orange fish tears(1974)

Side A: Orange fish tears
Forest scorpion

Side B: Rue roger
Porte D' Orleans

Baikida e.j. Carroll - trp, flh, seal horn, perc.
Olver Lake - ss, as, ts, fl, bamboo fl, perc.
Nana Vasconcelos - perc.
Manuel Villardel - ac piano, elc piano, perc.

rec. at Paris, June 1974, 3,4,5

This is the first leader album of Baikida Carroll. It seems there was no repress in vinyl, no issuance in CD.
So this seems rare item.

As is the first album sometimes, Baikida tries to show various aspects of his music interests. That is,
the first track is very spiritual and tranquill. The second track has taste of ethinic music. On repeting rhythm pattern on percussion, which reminds us of Latin American
dance. The third is duo of Baikida and Oliver in abstract form which is one of free improvisation form Roscoe Mirchell likes. The fourth number is collective
free improvisation style of AACM / BAG. This shows his good charcteristics of BAG member.

This is ripped from vinyl. When I obtained this, there was repeting scratch on side B, regrettably.
Hoping anyone having this music would upload better one.

Anyway, pls. enjoy this one of the nice "the first album" of musicians.!download|758tl4|451612968||74393

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  1. Here is a Lossless upgrade:
    Baikida E.J. Carroll - Orange Fish Tears {FLAC} [1974] - Side A.rar
    (91.2 MB)

    Baikida E.J. Carroll - Orange Fish Tears {FLAC} [1974] - Side B.rar
    (67.9 MB)
    kriztof :)

  2. hi Chris,

    Thank you uploading!

    By this, we can be free from scratch of side B.

  3. thank you both, for the post & upgrade, they are much appreciated -MB