mercredi 4 mai 2011

George Lewis - George Lewis(1978)

George Lewis - George Lewis

A1 Monads
Roscoe Mitchell - ss
Douglas Ewart - bcl
George Lewis - alt tbn, tnr tbn
Abdul Wadud - vcl
Leroy Jenkins - vln
Anthony Davis - p

A2 Triple Slow Mix
George Lewis - susaphone
Anthony Davis - p (right channel)
Muhal Richard Abrams - p (left channel)

B1 Cycle
Doubla Ewart - cl, bassoon, sopranino sax, perc
George Lewis - moog synth, tnr tbn, wagner tuba

B2 Shadowgraph, 5 (Sextet)
George Lewis - tnr tbn, wagner tuba, susaphone, other(sound-tube)
Muhal Richard Abrams - p
Douglas Ewart - fl, ewart bamboo fl, other(cassette recorder/recitation], perc.
Leroy Jenkins - vla
Abdul Wadud - vcl

Recorded at Generation Sound Studios, New York City

This is the 2nd album of George Lewis in Black Saint. As intlligent musician, together with friends of AACM, he exapnds experimental world in music wider and deeper. Every title has different combination players and instruments. Muscial pointillism, which Roscoe Mitchell was questing in one time, becomes strong and apparent.

2 commentaires:

  1. George Lewis is a master, and very funny too.
    thank you!

  2. Yeah, I agree his music is basically humorous.