mercredi 4 mai 2011

Harold E. Smith - Mike Kull - Joe McPhee - Trinity (1972)

Harold E. Smith - Mike Kull - Joe McPhee - Trinity

A Ionization
Written-By - Harold E. Smith, Joe McPhee, Mike Kull 28:30

B1 Astral Spirits
Written-By - McPhee 10:40

B2 Delta
Written-By - Smith*, McPhee*, Kull* 16:10

Harold E. Smith - perc
Mike Kull -p, e-p
Joe McPhee -ts, ss, trp, pocket cornet

Recorded on November 28, 1971 in the Parish Hall, West Park, New York.

From this album, Joe's music begins to have more clear fetures of quest and trial for new expression, getting out of normal "Free jazz" at that time. Result is wonderful by not only Joe but also sharing attitude to seek creativity by other two.

This is ripped from vinyl. Hoping this blog could be good introduction to those who, getting interested in this wonderful music, for purchasing CD or mp3 download for better quality sound.

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