mardi 3 mai 2011

Sonny Simmons - Music From The Spheres(1966)

Sonny Simmons - Music From The Spheres(1966)

A1 Resolutions 8:48
A2 Zarak's Symphony 13:00
B1 Balladia 13:03
B2 Dolphy's Day 13:46

Composed By, Saxophone [Alto] - Sonny Simmons
Trumpet - Barbara Donald
Bass - Juney Booth
Drums - Jim Zitro
Piano - Mike Cohen
Tenor Saxophone - Burt Wilson (tracks: B.2)

Recorded December 1966.

I have no idea how this work is known among free jazz / improvisation music lovers. When I heard this music at first time by a vinyl borrowing from the public cunty library when I was student, I was strongly impressed by hot interplay between alto sax and trumpet like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie but very modernized and avant-garde taste. After having much knowledge and experience of listeing to jazz music, I do not think this is so appropriate comparision in terms of influence and historical value. But anyway, this is still very hot and poweful music in my ears.

This is ripped from a cassette tape. So although sound quality is not so ideal, I belive power and hotness can be conveyed.

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