mercredi 4 mai 2011

Joe McPhee - Pieces of light(1974)

Joe McPhee - Pieces of light

Side A:
Prologue / Twelve
Shadow Sculptures

Side B:
Les Heros Sont Fatigues
Red Giant
Windows In Dreams / Colors In Crystal

Joe McPhee- tp,flh, Eflat altohorn, pocket cornet,ts,fl, modified nagoya harp, ceramic wind chimes,
bird chimes, bamboo wind chimes, voices

John Snyder - ARP synth

Rec: April 1974 West park NYC, USA

This is duo collaboration between Joe and John.

John's ARP synthesizer reminds us of time when synthesizer was very experimental and unique device, which provoked artist who wanted to try something new, though not all could succeed.

This is ripped from vinyl.

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