mercredi 4 mai 2011

John Tchicai - Cadentia Nova Danica (1968)

John Tchicai - Cadentia Nova Danica

1 Inside Thule 7:11
2 Lilanto Del Indio 3:09
3 Kirsten 12:10
4 Orga Fleur Super Asam (a) / Nova (b) 14:53
5 Pa Tirsdag 5:13

Bass - Steffen Andersen
Percussion - Giorgio Musoni , Ivan Krill
Saxophone [Alto], Percussion - John Tchicai , Karsten Vogel
Saxophone [Baritone], Piano - Max Bruel
Trombone - Kim Menzer
Trumpet - Hugh Steinmetz
Written-By - Tchicai (tracks: 2 to 4(a), 5) , Vogel (tracks: 1, 4(b))

Recorded in Koncervatriet, Aarhus, Denmark on October 27, 1968

Marvelous work! Atmosphere of Scandinavia is expressed in quite beautiful manner
by free jazz ensemble. I found the file of in another blog has been deleted. So I want to introduce this outstanding music. This is ripped from old vinyl. Sound is not
very high. Sorry. Hoping excellency of this music could get over sound quality.

3 commentaires:

  1. Thanks. I love everything this guy has done!

  2. Thanks for this :-) However what about some new material as in in the last 10 -15 years again....this is old school though good. Have you been scared by the copyright mafia?

  3. I have. Last times, I received some mails (too much by the way) from big labels, and I'm a bit scared sometimes