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Cecil Taylor Unit (1978)

Cecil Taylor Unit (1978)

All compositions by Cecil Taylor.
"Idut" - 14:40
"Serdab" - 14:13
"Holiday En Masque" - 29:41

Cecil Taylor: piano
Jimmy Lyons: alto saxophone
Raphe Malik: trumpet
Ramsey Ameen: violin
Sirone: bass
Ronald Shannon Jackson: drums

Recorded : April 3–6, 1978

Cecil Taylor Unit is an album by Cecil Taylor recorded in April 1978
and released on the New World label. The album features three
performances by Taylor with Raphe Malik, Jimmy Lyons, Ramsey Ameen,
Sirone and Ronald Shannon Jackson. The album was recorded during the
same sessions that produced 3 Phasis.

This unit existed for five months only. But, during this five months,
four albums were recorded.

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