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Roswell Rudd and Jazz Composer's Orchestra -the Numatik Swing Band(1973)

Roswell Rudd and Jazz Composer's Orchestra - the Numatik Swing Band(1973)
Label:JCOA Records


A1 Vent
Soloist - Beaver Harris 4:50
A2 Breathahoward
Soloist - Howard Johnson 2:52
A3 Circulation
Soloist - Roswell Rudd 10:15
B1 Lullaby For Greg
Soloist - Dewey Redman, Sheila Jordan 11:10
B2 Aerosphere
Soloist - Charles Davis, Enrico Rava 14:15

Bass - Charlie Haden, Sirone
Clarinet - Perry Robinson
Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone - Dewey Redman
Drums - Beaver Harris, Hod O'Brien (tracks: B1), Lou Grassi
Flute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone - Martin Alter
Flute, Alto Saxophone -Carlos Ward
French Horn - Janet Donaruma, Jeffrey Schlegel, Sharon Freeman
Percussion - Dan Johnson (tracks: B2), Sue Evans
Piccolo, Flute, Soprano Saxophone -Mike Bresler
Soprano & Baritone Saxophone - Charles Davis
Singer - Sheila Jordan
Trombone - Art Baron, Gary Brooks
Trombone, French Horn, Producer - Roswell Rudd
Trumpet - Enrico Rava, Michael Krasnov, Mike Lawrence
Tuba - Howard Johnson

Produced by Roswell Rudd and The Jazz Composer's Orchestra

A1, A2, A3, B2 were composed January through March, 1971, and first presented by The Jazz Composer's Orchestra during Workshop at the New York Public Theater on March 22, 1971

B2 was composed in June, 1973. Lyrics by Rudd, Galbraith & Jordan.

Numatik Swing Band was presented by The Jazz Composer's Orchestra in its entirety during Workshop Concerts at New York University's Loeb Student Center on July 5 & 6, 1973

Recorded on July 6, 1973 by the Butterfly Mobile Sound Van

Mixed at Blue Rock Studio, New York City by Eddie Korvin

Album Design, art work and photograph : Wai Yip

This is one of JCOA's album. Leader is Roswell Rudd. Interesting music with good balance of tradition and avandgarde.

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