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JCOA - Communication (1965)

JCOA - Communication (1965)

Track listing1."Roast" (Carla Bley) - 12:25
2."Day (Communications No. 4)" (Michael Mantler) - 2:25
3."Communications No. 5" (Michael Mantler) - 25:50

Michael Mantler - trumpet
Roswell Rudd - trombone
Steve Lacy soprano saxophone
Jimmy Lyons - alto saxophone
Fred Pirtle baritone saxophone
Paul Bley - piano
Willie Ruff - french horn (track 1)
John Tchicai - alto saxophone (track 1)
Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone (track 1)
Eddie Gomez - bass (track 1)
Milford Graves - drums (track 1)
Ray Codrington - trumpet (tracks 2 & 3)
Robin Kenyatta, Ken McIntyre - alto saxophone (tracks 2 & 3)
Bob Carducci - tenor saxophone (tracks 2 & 3)
Kent Carter, Steve Swallow - bass (tracks 2 & 3)
Barry Altschul - drums (tracks 2 & 3)

Live album by Jazz Composer's Orchestra
Recorded December 29, 1964 & April 10, 1965
Genre Jazz
Length 40:40

Communication is the debut album by the Jazz Composer's Orchestra featuring compositions by Michael Mantler and Carla Bley performed by Paul Bley, Steve Lacy, Jimmy Lyons, Roswell Rudd, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Fred Pirtle, Willie Ruff, Ken McIntyre, Robin Kenyatta, Bob Carducci, Kent Carter, Steve Swallow, Milford Graves, and Barry Altschul. The album was released on the Fontana label in 1965.


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  1. It seems there´s an error with the link

  2. The link belongs to an album by Luther Thomas & The Human Arts Ensemble.
    Can you please send the correct link? I´ve Looking for this album by de JCOA for years, so thank you very much in advance.

  3. Sorry. This is correct link.


  4. Thank you very much for this wonderful record that i´ve looking on for years, and for all the wonderful music you post in your blog. There´s always something interesting in it. Thank you again. Please excuse my english, but since I´m from Chile, Spanish is my native language.

  5. Really, it is my big happiness when I could upload musics which somebody is looking for years earnestly. As free & improvisation music is prettey rare music in my country, nobody around me neither interested in nor have knowledge. So blog is my joy.

    Your English is very good. I am also living a country whose language is far from English and other European languages.