dimanche 3 avril 2011

Karl Berger - The Peace Church Concerts (CMC 1974)

Muun Music Universe featuring Ing Rid / Karl Berger / Dave Holland
- Vol. 1 The Peace Church Concerts

Label:CMC (2)

Track list:

Space In Time (Side A & B)
A Live Time 14:00
B Dance Now Is We Are 24:00

Silence In Sound (Side C & D)
C1 The Continual Pattern 14:00
C2 Music Is 9:30
D Tune In Time In 22:10

Bass - Dave Holland , Tom Schmidt (tracks: A, B)
Flute - Ilene Marder (tracks: A, B)
Instruments [Various] - Richard Teitelbaum (tracks: A, B)
Percussion - Bob Moses (tracks: A, B) , Ing Rid* (tracks: A, B)
Piano, Vibraphone, Percussion - Karl Berger
Synthesizer - Richard Teitelbaum (tracks: C,D)
Trombone - Garrett List (tracks: C,D)
Violin - Betty McDonald* (tracks: A, B)
Vocals - Ing Rid*
Voice, Sounds [Initial Sounds] - Eva Berger (tracks: A, B) , Savia Berger (tracks: A, B)

Recorded By - Bob Cummins

recorded in concert on May 25 and May 22, 1974 at the Washington Square Church, New York City.

This is wonderful work in spacy and spiritual atmosphere. As far as I know, this album has not been re-issued. I have no idea why this kind of high quality and has been in such status for years.

Hoping more music fun will find out this and know which would lead to re-issuance of such unique and valuable record of human art.


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