lundi 7 mars 2011

Radian - Chimeric

RADIAN - Chimeric (Thrill Jockey, 2009)

Sylviann Németh: synthesizer, guitar
John Norman: bass
Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, electronics

01- Git Cut Noise
02- Feedbackmikro / City Lights
03- Git Cut Derivat
04- Chimera
05- Kinetakt
06- Subcolors

 No doubt I mentioned this before, but the few times I saw Radian live I was thrilled by their live sound, more perhaps than their CDs. They took a four year break between 'Juxtapositions' (including one year of not playing live) to reflect on their music and see where to go next. The result of that thinking is on 'Chimeric' and their music certainly has taken off into a new territory. Although its hard to label their previous sound as anything, the soft, somewhat jazzy sound has been replaced by a more rock like texture. It opens with a wild beast named 'Git Cut Noise', with heavy rock drums and distorted guitars. That sets the tone for this album, which doesn't mean however that it goes all the way, all the time. A piece like 'Subcolors' shows a  combination of the old Radian sound, with the free play of the new Radian. Its the last piece of the CD and in between we have moved from everywhere to anywhere. Soft pieces, wild pieces, with lots of emphasis on the real instruments, drums/percussion, guitars and bass. Electronics seem to be reduced in this new album, only sparsely placed here and there. Radian has successfully re-invented their sound, taking a new road into the jungle. Freedom in playing are the new keywords, while preserving the best of their old sound. Heavy all the time, but sometimes lightweighted heavy, like the precious sound of a falling leave. Demanding and rewarding. Great album. Would be interesting to see how that works out in a concert. (FdW)


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  1. I had the chance to see them performing live last year @ Wels unlimited, I wrote a chronicle about that edition and put some videos, too. You can find it here:–-music-unlimited-24-wels/