mercredi 2 mars 2011

Moroccan Trance Music: Jilala-Gnaoua

VA - Moroccan Trance Music: Jilala/Gnaoua (Sub Rosa/La cœur du monde, 1990)

01-Unknown Artist  -  Jilala Wedding Procession 
02-Jilala De Tanger  -  Ouled Khalifa 
03-Jilala De Tanger  -  Darba Del Hameni 
04-Jilala De Tanger  -  Gnaoui 
05-Unknown Artist  -  Ghaitta And Drums (Part 1) / Blind Musician, Jemaa El Fna (Part 2) 
06-Gnaoua De Abdenbi Binizi  -  Jellaba Titara 
07-Gnaoua De Abdenbi Binizi  -  Yumala 
08-Gnaoua De Abdenbi Binizi  -  Neksma 
09-Gnaoua De Abdenbi Binizi  -  Baba Larabi 
Recorded by Paul Bowles and Randall Barnwell

This is a recording of Jilala and Gnoaua music from Morocco. The CD begins with what sounds like a celebration in the street and all of the ambient sound of the festival becomes part of the musicality of the performance, including loud voices and car horns. What follows is a group of recordings that truly capture this culture's musical genius. The evolving rhythms and melodies invite the listener to explore the musical aesthetics and flavors of Moroccan culture. This music can be disorienting at times. The name "trance music" is appropriate, the circulating and spiraling rhythms can be almost hypnotic. This music will suprise you. I have made a conscious effort to explore Moroccan music and this CD continues to be my favorite. It is an excellent collection of high quality field recordings. There are other CD's that are more popular and might have benefitted from smarter marketing etc. but this recording has to be one of the best. Anyone curious about world music stands a good chance of being converted to the rank of 'enthusiast' after hearing this.
R. G. Villalobos; February 7th, 2010 - Rating: 5/5


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