mercredi 16 mars 2011

ANDREW CYRILLE - Celebration

ANDREW CYRILLE - Celebration (IPS, 1975)

Andrew Cyrille - drums
Alphonse Cimber - percussion
Elouise Loftin - poetry
Donald Smith - piano
Romulus Franceschini - synthesizer
Tenor Saxophone - David S. Ware - tenor saxphone
Ted Daniel - trumpet
Stafford James - bass
Jeanne Lee - vocals

A1 Haitian Heritage Part I
A2 Haitian Heritage Part II
B1 Fate
B2 Gossip
B3 Non-Expectation Celebration

Here is the first record of Andrew Cyrille & Maono, named "Celebration".

In this album, as my the below comments, Andrew shows his earnest desire to pick up various kinds of musical aspects in his interests
at that time. These are prettey wider and of great variety, as compared to a energish and speedy drumer as a member of Cecil Tylor unit.

A1 Haitian Heritage Part I is free form session among hitian drum, trap drum. And vocal of Jeanne Lee and poet reading decorate it.
A2 Haitian Heritage Part II is dancing style tune of ethnical flavor.
B1 Fate is mysterious and sad ballad.
B2 Gossip is typical free jazz tune.
B3 Non-Expectation Celebration of flavor of electric music.

This album is starting point of Andrew as music creator from drumer of outstandingly tough and energish.

And this album is precious too as Donald Smith plays piano. As long as I know, he recorded his piano in just a few albums only.!download|980tl3|451578872||87563

4 commentaires:

  1. much appreciated this, many thanks

  2. As long as I know, this work has not been re-issued as CD. So not so be easily available I guess. I want this excelent music to be listened to.

  3. Jeanne Lee has really an awesome voice! much appreciated too

  4. Yes, her voice expression is very surprising.
    I'm wondering how vinyls of "Birth" lebel by Gunter Hampel can be available. Because Jeanne Lee participated in albums of her husband (Gunter Hampel).