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Cecil Taylor Unit - Akisakila (1973)

Cecil Taylor Unit - Akisakila (1973)

Track list
1. Bulu Akisakila Kutala 1
2. Bulu Akisakila Kutala 2

Cecil Taylor - Piano
Jimmy Lyons -Alto saxophone
Andrew Cyrille - Drums

Recorded on 22 May 1973 at Koseinenkin Dai-Hall, Tokyo,

This is live recording of Cecil Taylor Trio in Tokyo, Japan on 22nd of May 1973. As this is the first
tour of Cecil Taylor to Japan, many funs of free jazz, avangard music, even professionals
of modern classic music went to listen with big expectation.

The live concert of this date consisted in two parts. The 1st was Trio performance that is recorded as this
"Akisakila". The 2nd was collaboration of Cecil's dance and voice performance.

"Akisakila" is one tune of 83 minutes length. Almost no change in tempo and dynamics in full 83 minutes.
Energy and speed is unbelievable. So far, I have listened to records of Cecil's live performance around
tens only. The longest one is "Nuits De La Fondation Maeght". But, in this performance, tempo, dynamics and
characteristics change in several times.

If somebody knows recorded Cecil's performances which have similar style of "Akisakila", pls. let me know.!download|658tl3|453989738|Akisakila_mp3.rar|78195

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  1. Maybe you should try >

    The Great Concert Of Cecil Taylor Prestige (US) 34003 (lp) 1977 - the first was release was on Shandar and there was also a reissue as CD on Jazz View (this CD's have a very poor sound).
    It's the trio plus Sam Rivers. Excellent!

  2. Thank you for introducing the album. Title tune of this album is maybe "2nd act of A"? This is same as "Nuits De La Fondation Maeght". Yes, its performance is excellent, though recorded in monaural.

  3. I would say that quite often Cecil Taylor's music does not fare well concerning the quality of the recording.
    And in case of bootlegs the situation is even worse.
    But off course Taylor's music maybe needs a decent sound more than a lot of other music.

  4. Hi onxidlib,
    I agree Cecil Taylor's music should be in good sound. I can not find out Cecil Taylor unit including Sam Riverse in good sound. Do you know any?

  5. Try "spring of two blue jays" for comparable taylor album

  6. I listened to "Spring of two blue Js" again, and I feel it is also recored in monaural.

  7. Most of the discs of "2T's for a Lovely T" sustain a very high intensity level, although Tony Oxley on drums is a bit more restrained than CYRILLE.