jeudi 24 mars 2011

Alan Silva - Skillfullness

ALAN SILVA - Skillfullness (ESP, 1969)

Alan Silva: violin, cello, piano
Becky Friend: flute, vocals
Mike Ephron: piano, organ
Dave Burrell: piano
Karl Berger: vibraphone
Lawrence Cook: cymbals, rattle, percussion


Listening to Alan Silva is always a strong and strange experience. Skillfullness is one of the weirdest Silva's recordings. This one is rather powerfull and in a constant unstable equilibrium: it's always under tension. There are a lot of unusual instruments for this time (flute, violin), a lot of different energies. Rythmic patterns are rather absent and all keys are utterly unmaked. A cosmic and solar music somewhere between Sun (Ra) and Cecil Taylor.

dedicated to Flo.

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  1. hi olatunji,

    my comments are usually very positive, but not in this case. i heard this record for the first time about 2 years ago. and i will remember forever how upset i was listening to this recording. no theme, no interesting solos, in fact nothing of interest for the free-jazz/avant-garde jazz lovers. in my opinion this is one of the worst jazz (???) records i have ever heard. and i heard more than 5000 free jazz records. after listening to it i was so upset that i removed from my collection all other records under the name of alan silva. period.
    and there are so many other records well worth posting at such a good blog. for example joe mcphee, peter brotzmann, charles gayle, david s. ware etc.

    best regards.

    paul w.

  2. Thank you. I agree that Alan Silva's works are very unique as compared to other free jazz artists, especially in youg days. "Seasons" synthesizes such characteristics and unique aspects.

  3. At my opinion, during the 60's, all avant-garde jazz from USA (especially in Chicago) were a research more than a way (like in England). There are not much masterpieces for this time -at least in this kind of music-, and this one is really not one, but it's always interesting (for a historical point of view) to know from where are coming a lot of contemporary pieces.

  4. Alan Silva - Alan Silva