mardi 8 mars 2011

Drunkdriver / Mattin - List Of Profound Insecurities

Incredibly brutal noise rock band meets incredibly weird screamer.

"Drunkdriver/mattin is most definitely real. so is the list: physical deterioration, intellectual / emotional stagnation, continuation of a defective gene pool, death of parents, addiction, forgetting everything, remembering it all in a flash, finding love only to lose it, inevitable failure…

which is a fine way to apply an intellectual / emotional sheen to a record that is utterly relentless in its quest to brutalise.

a one chord repeato-monster at times spunking out the harshest noise i’ve heard (see the speaker raping, fractured whiteout, halfway through side b) over monged bellows and vocal retchings like rusted shut’s don walsh chewing hypodermics.

there’s a nice (nice?!) to and fro between mattins damaged industrialisms and drunkdrivers monolithic sludge; some new wave jump-cut take on nate youngs factory noise. it stops and starts breaks down incoherent before dragging it’s ravaged carcass back to life. there is some kindof buggered groove in here of the deformed dislocating butthole surfers / brainbombs variety. one that lurches and leers confused with the wrath of a narcotic addled yahweh.

it’s a twenty minute overloaded overwhelming shriek of existential horror you really should fucking hear."


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