mardi 18 janvier 2011

Ostad Elahi - Celestial Harmonies: The art of oriental tanbur lute

OSTAD ELAHI - Celestial Harmonies (Le chant du monde, 1999)

Ostad Elahi: sitar, tanbur

01 Suite De Mobarak Bada
02 Wala Witana
03 Ali Aman Ya Ali
04 Suite De Hymnes
05 Supplique d'Ali
06 Suite De Tchapi

This CD unveils another facet of Ostad Elahi's music: his improvisations not only on the setar and the tanbour, which each have their own specific techniques, but also on a five-string tanbour that he himself created, probably to realize a synthesis between the Persian and Kurdish lutes. Some of the pieces are also chanted. The combination of such inimitable style, mysterious tones, and audacious dissonances takes the listener into uncharted territories. (from Elahi's website)


3 commentaires:

  1. Setar, not sitar ; le truc que j'ai reçu hier chez moi :)

  2. tu te mets au setar? héhé! on va pouvoir se faire des duos setar/shehnai la prochaine fois