vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Don Pullen, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye - The Magic Triangle

DON PULLEN, JOSEPH JARMAN, DON MOYE - The Magic Triangle (Black Saint, 1979)

Don Pullen: piano, vocals
Joseph Jarman: clarinet, alto flute, flute, piccolo, soprano & tenor saxophones, vocals
Don Moye: drums & percussion

1. Lonely Child
2. J.F.M. - 3 Way Blues
3. Hippy Dippy
4. What Was Ain't


3 commentaires:

  1. Here Jarman palys in late time coltrane style. Sounds like soul of Coltrane moves into Jarman. Tone, phrase and egaer pray for supreme existance are living inside him.
    Wonderful music!

  2. Wow ! I grab it !

    Thank you so much for this !

    @anonyme : I second you !