vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Albert Ayler - Love Cry

ALBERT AYLER - Love Cry (Impulse!, 1968)

Albert Ayler: alto & tenor saxophones, vocals
Donald Ayler: trumpet
Call Cobbs: electric harpsichord
Alan Silva: bass
Milford Graves: drums

1. Love Cry
2. Ghosts
3. Omega
4. Dancing Flower
5. Bells
6. Love Flower
7. Love Cry?
8. Zion Hill (alternate take)
9. Universal Indians (alternate take)
10. Zion Hill
11. Universal Indians

From the time he was signed to Impulse in 1966, it was assumed that Albert Ayler's releases on that label would be motivated by an attempt at commercialism. While the music was toned down from his earlier ESP recordings, by no means did Ayler ever make commercial records. Much in the same way John Coltrane's later-period Impulse releases weren't commercial, Ayler simply took advantage of a larger record company's distribution, trying to expose the music to more people. Ayler's uncompromising musical freedom mixed with his catchy combination of nursery rhythms and brass band marches remained prominent on Love Cry. The interplay between the Ayler brothers also remained fiery as younger sibling Donald is heard playing trumpet for the last time on a recording with his brother. Donald was fired from the band (at the suggestion of Impulse) and, unfortunately, was committed to a mental institution for a short stay after these sessions were made. The rhythm section of Alan Silva on bass and Milford Graves on drums continually instigates and propels this music into furious militaristic march territory. Unhappily, the four tracks in which Call Cobbs is featured on harpsichord tend to drag the music down; it's unfortunate his gospel-inspired piano or organ playing couldn't have been utilized instead. The CD reissue contains alternate takes of "Zion Hill" and "Universal Indians." (from AMG)


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  1. I love this album a lot. it had never even occurred to me that it would be considered "commercial." As for the harpsichord, I guess it grew on me after a number of listenings. This is truly great music, no wasted notes, nothing extraneous.