mardi 4 janvier 2011

Marion Brown Septet - Juba-Lee

MARION BROWN SEPTET - Juba-Lee (Fontana, 1967)

Marion Brown: alto saxophone
Bennie Maupin: tenor saxophone
Alan Shorter: trumpet, flugelhorn
Grachan Moncur III: trombone
Dave Burrell: piano
Reggie Johnson: bass
Beaver Harris: drums

1. 512E12
2. The Visitor
3. Juba-Lee
4. Iditus

Recorded only a month before his classic Impulse debut, Three for Shepp, this much overlooked session, though quite different, is more than reputable in its own right. The reason for its obscurity is pretty simple. Juba-Lee, as of May 2003, had yet to see formal release anywhere in the world other than its original Dutch pressing and subsequent reissues in Japan. Otherwise, it bears a good deal of resemblance to his Marion Brown Quartet date on ESP, so listeners familiar with that session should know what to expect here. Among other reasons, this is because both sessions share the talents of Alan Shorter and bassist, Reggie Johnson. Also on hand were tenor man Bennie Maupin, pianist Dave Burrell, drummer Beaver Harris, and trombonist Grachan Moncur III. All but Maupin and Shorter would also appear on Three for Shepp. It should go without saying that any free jazz session featuring either Shorter or Moncur is going to be heavy. Both men, as soloists and as composers, tend to dramatically alter any recording upon which they appear. They usually contribute at least one tune to the repertoire -- here it's Shorter -- and both have a very deliberately paced and immediately recognizable delivery as soloists. Unfortunately, this would be the only session upon which the two appeared together, making the historical relevance of this date even more pronounced. The opening tune is a free-for-all, but the title track is reminiscent of Brown's wonderful "Capricorn Moon," employing a playful and spirited head. Both "The Visitor" and "Iditus" are deep and pensive, very much what one would expect from a session featuring Moncur or Shorter. Highly recommended. (from AMG)


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  1. Thank you for uping this album. I do not know how many works of Fontana, issued in 1960s, have been reappeared in CD. So not easy to obtain them.

    I feel that miss-tones made by Alan Shorter on playing main theme of title "Juba-Lee" is a little bit out of allowance, though miss tones are not so abnormal in jazz playing. I wonder why re-take was not done then.

    1. Could you please find a different solution to reach the album? The new FBI restrictios are such a load. Thanks!

  2. Hi Julien
    I Have been looking for this album for some time now.
    Could you please send me a direct link or torrent, as I have not been able to download it from here.
    It would be most appreciated.

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    1. Hello, I'm afraid I have the same re-up request. Things have gotten pretty crazy lately, I know. I've been using Zippyshare since the great global file apocalypse one year ago and have no complaints as yet. I decided to try them out because their download pages actually have the DL button up top across from the file info, instead of hidden in a maze of DOWNLOAD HERE detour buttons. Anyway, would love to have this. THANKS.