vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Cecil Taylor - Live in Stuttgart, 1966-10-16

CECIL TAYLOR - Live in Stuttgart 1966 (Radio Broadcast)

Cecil Taylor: piano
Jimmy Lyons: alto saxophone
Alan Silva: bass
Andrew Cyrille: drums

1. Second Amplitude - First Amplitude
2. Conquistador


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  1. When Andrew Cyrille made his own music, he showed more various aspects than a member of
    Cecil Taylor unit. His own group in middle of '70s "Maono" is good example of this, I guess. This is the firs album "Celebration". This includes different kinds of tunes from
    ethnic, Cecil Taylor like free to experimental electric music.!download|980tl3|451578872||87563

  2. This is "Junction", which is the second album of Andrew Cyrille and Maono. Attitude for musical quest is going on in the different directions from "Celebration".!download|17l33|451588091||77438

  3. This is the third album of Andrew Cyrille & Maono, "Metamusician's stopm". Different from previous two albums, this is of sound of easily listening.!download|561l3|451597744||69627

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  8. I would love to hear this show but I cannot access it through the link provided. Any possibilities of re-sharing it?