jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Thomas Lehn & Paul Lovens - Achtung

Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer
Paul Lovens: selected & unselected drums and cymbals, singing saw

This special duo constellation rests in this freedom of cliches. Although the music is occasionally incredibly dense and present, it can hardly be fixed. Is it energy powerplay? Finely linked sound research? Post Free Jazz? English School? Is that a kind of duet for percussion instruments? Or electro-acoustic music par excellence? Is it what one expects? Or something completely different?
Lehn and Lovens know, in any case, how to surprise us-in the logical sense of the word! Because, when someone suddenly calls out "Achtung!" [Look out!] that doesn't mean by a long shot that we are prepared for what will come.

2000 ACHTUNG (GROB) mediafire/rapidshare

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