jeudi 23 décembre 2010

Ali Akbar Moradi - Fire of Passion

ALI AKBAR MORADI - FIRE OF PASSION (7/8 Music Productions, 1999)

Ali Akbar Moradi: tanbur
Pejman Hadadi: daf

01-Introduction (Prayer)
02-Songs of Nostalgia
03-Magham Allahwaisy And Hejrani
04-Sema Of Tanbur
05-Continuation Of Magham Allahwaisy
06-Intimate Dialog
07-The Caravan
08-Magham Of Ghatar And Tarz

“Teheran-based Ali-Akbar Moradi is considered a virtuoso on the tanbur, a plucked string instrument with a pear–shaped belly fashioned from a single piece of mulberry wood. The tanbur has always been considered a sacred instrument associated with the Kurdish Sufi music of Western Iran. Moradi is accompanied by Pejman Hadadi, the finest Irnanian percussionist living in America, who plays the daf, a large frame drum covered with goat skin with rows of metal rings jangling about on the inside. He also plays the tombak, which is similar to a dumbek but made also from solid mulberry wood. Its warm tone complements the rapid strumming and plucking on the banjo-like tanbur. This recording was made during a 1999 U.S. tour and, in a word, these duets are extraordinary. Having performed together only three times previously, Moradi and Hadadi play entirely improvisational Kurdish music on this date, presenting their amazing skills as one triumphant spirit. Together they soar into wild molten riffs, and then return to earth to deppict the sad reality of a people without an independent state of their own.”

William Bloomhuff, “Rhythm”, May 2001


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