vendredi 21 octobre 2011

Steve Lacy / Steve Potts - Tips(1981)

Steve Lacy / Steve Potts - Tips

Again upload this work. Because previous one has big click on side B.
This time, no such.

A1 A - We Will Never Have Any Peace - The Present Is Perpetual
A2 B - Do Not Imitate What You Wish To Create
A3 C - I Want To Be In Tune With Nature Rather Than Copy It
A4 D - I Don't Do As I'd Like, I Do As I Can
A5 E - Art Is Made To Trouble, Science Reassures
A6 F - The Only Thing Valuable In Art, Is What Cannot Be Explained
A7 G - One Must Achieve A Certain Temperature That Makes Things Malleable

B1 H - Limited Means Lead To New Forms, Invite Creation, Make Style
B2 I - Impregnation, Obsession, Hallucination
B3 J - It's The Change Happening That Reveals To Us, Day To Day Existance
B4 K - Echo Answers Echo, All Is Repercussion
B5 L - For Every Gain There Is A Corresponding Loss - That Is The Law Of Compensation
B6 M - Progress In Art Is Not About Extending It's Limits, But In Better Understanding Them
B7 N - With Age, Art And Life Become One
(This is ripped from LP. In the first title of side B, there is one jumpiness around timing of three minutes.
I'm not sure if this is defect of my LP or original sound has this. And the last tone of B7 has apparent wow, which is in original sound. )

Saxophone [Alto] - Steve Potts
Saxophone [Soprano] - Steve Lacy
Voice - Irene Aebi

Recorded in Paris, December 14th, 1979.

Ripped from LP.

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  1. This is really very rare work of Steve Lacy, I think. Maybe not appropriate to know Lacy at first. But, lovely album of "Song book".