jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Perry Robinson - The Traveler(1977)

Perry Robinson - The Traveler

Tracklist .
A1 The Call 1:32
A2 Henry's Dance 5:11
A3 You Are Too Good 7:45
A5 Mordechai's Blues 5:28
B1 Atomic Twist 3:38
B2 Ham And Eggs Tango 2:24
B3 Feud 3:06
B4 How Can I Keep From Singing

Perry Robinson - Clarinet
Hilly Dolganes - Piano
Frank Luther - Bass
Phil Wilson - Drums

Recording: Bruce Gerstein / Downtown Sound

Cute and "straight jazz" album by an "avandgarde" clarinet player.

Ripped from LP.

3 commentaires:

  1. Robinson is an interesting character. He really did travel all over. I have seen him a few times and he tends to play in odd places around NYC. Not just the regular spaces but in small restuarants and such. I look forward to hearing this and thank you for posting it.

  2. Thanks, merci! I look forward to hearing it too. Not only his musical associations have been noteworthy, but also his lineage (Earl Robinson) & his own itinerary.

  3. I just knew him only as a rare clarinet special player in avandgarde jazz world,
    where many reeds players are "multi reed player". This album was difficult to obtain. Here his music is very charming and attractive with flavor of advanced music with relatively old instrument in Jazz world.