dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Marvin Peterson - The Hannibal (1975) -- Re-upload

Marvin Peterson - The Hannibal (1975)

My previous rip has interuptation in Side B end part.
So here attached new rip.


4 commentaires:

  1. Would it be possible to re-upload this great music again? I really like Marvin Peterson and I have been searching this for a long time. Thanks a lot for your share of these out-of-print music.

  2. Can you re-upload this please?

    There's literally nowhere on the internet where it's available... I'm dying to be able to listen to this!

    You'd be doing a great service, thank you.

  3. IS it possible to upload this again. I can't find this recording anywhere and was outbid on ebay as well. Truly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Hey man, this is the guy who asked you to re-up this album in April. I still can't find this ANYWHERE else on the web and the videos that were on Youtube have been taken down...

    Could you please please PLEASE re-upload the album? I'm still chasing the experience of listening to Hannibal, you're kind of my only hope.

    Hope this finds you well,
    A desperate fan,