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Marvin Peterson - The Hannibal (1975)

Hannibal Marvin Peterson And Sunrise Orchestra - The Hannibal

1 The Rabbit
Arranged By - Michael Carvin
Written-By - Diedre Murray 2:36
2 Revelation
Written-By - Michael Cochrane 7:36
3 Misty
Written-By - Erroll Garner 7:54
4 The Voyage
Written-By - Hannibal Marvin Peterson 6:34
5 Soul Brother - In Dedication To Malcolm X
Written-By - Hannibal Marvin Peterson 13:47

Trumpet, Koto, Vocals - Hannibal Marvin Peterson
Bass - Stafford James
Bells, Percussion - Chris Hart (track 4)
Cello - Diedre Murray
Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Whistle, Timpani - Thabo Michael Carvin
Piano - Michael Cochrane

Recorded: July 1 and 2, 1975, Tonstudio Bauer Ludwigsburg/Germany

Marvin "Hannibal" Peterson is not free jazz musician. He participates in Richard Davis's "Now's the time", which is sometimes introduced as a typical free jazz work,
and shows very agressive and hot play. I think free jazz is ambigious and prettey wide concept, including very wide range of music.

This is his second album.

ripped from lp

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  2. great stuff ! merci from Montréal

    1. More Hannibal and Murray here:

  3. Despite the amount of time that it appears this blog has been inactive this album is a fantastic work that I unfortunately can only find four of the five tracks of (all but the fourth). If this was ever reuploaded that would be wonderful. All should hear this!

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