samedi 13 août 2011

Steve Lacy - The Crust (1973)

Steve Lacy - The Crust

A1 The Crust 10:00
A2 38 13:00
B1 The Owl 6:20
B2 A Bit Of The Dumps 3:30
B3 Flakes 7:40
B4 Revolutionary Suicide 3:45 (distorted part in Revolutionary Suicide is in original lp itself. Reason is written in
original lp back cover as follows : Unfortunately, a well known stomach collided with the well known tape recorder during Revolutionary Suicide

with a somewhat disasterous result. It is hoped that this will not detract too much from the music.)

Bass - Kent Carter
Guitar - Derek Bailey
Percussion - John Stevens
Saxophone - Steve Lacy, Steve Potts

Recorded live on July 30, 1973 at the 100 Club, London, England.

Rare item of Steve Lacy in 70s. Wonderful playing of Derek Bailey is very impressive.

Ripped from lp.

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