mercredi 24 août 2011

Steve Lacy - Capers(1981)

Steve Lacy - Capers

A1 The Crunch 12:35
A2 We Don't I 12:55
B1 Quirks 9:25
B2 Bud's Brother I 17:05
C1 Capers 9:20
C2 We Don't II 16:50
D1 Kitty Malone 13:55
D2 Bud's Brother II 12:15

Soprano Saxophone, Composed By - Steve Lacy
Bass - Ronnie Boykins
Drums - Dennis Charles

Recorded live on 29 December 1979 at Soundscape in New York City during the European/American Music Festival.

This is one of hat Hut series of Steve Lacy. Live recording of trio.
This album has been reissued from hat Hut in CD with decreased titles.
But the file here is full version from LP. I guess this is rare item.

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  1. I have a copy of the Capers/Quirks reissue on Hat. Thanks for making this available. It is an interesting recording and one of the few non-Sun Ra appearances of Boykins.

  2. @DENEN. Thanks again for this other Lacy gem! Yes It Is. a rare item I mean! This is another bad work made by Hat Hut concerning Mr. In the past days I made a little search and found all the pieces herein contained, but on the CD reissue they throw away three tracks, they changed the original cover and the title...WHY? We aren't talkin about an anonimous and insignificant musician but bout one of the most interesting and seminal of the post free legacy, and one of the most interesting musician of the past 40 years, beyond category or genres. I've found the original cover but my searches were vane looking for the cover of the first LP reissue tilted N Y Three Capers, Can someone here help me?

  3. Thanks! I'd been missing those excised tracks since I sold the vinyl years ago. This was done to Gary Bartz's Follow the Medicine Men when it was released on CD too.

  4. Hi,
    it looks like it is gone already? could you re-post please?