samedi 6 août 2011

MFG (Joe McPhee) - In Minnesota (1978)

MFG (Joe McPhee) - In Minnesota

A Part I B 17:05
B1 Part I C 8:39
B2 Part II A 5:54
C Part II B 18:14
D1 Part II C 11:03
D2 Part II D 5:52

Guitar - Steve Gnitka
Piano, Piano [Prepared], Clavinet, Drums - Milo Fine
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano], Cornet [Pocket] - Joe McPhee

Recorded Live at Walker Church, June 4, 1978

Joe McPhee's issued numbers of albums in Hut Hat label. But nowadays no easy to find out, except ones re-issued in CD.
This is one. 2 lps set.

Ripped from lp.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It is the last of the early ones that I was missing. It was easy to find used copy for years, but now it is totally gone. For those interested Inconstant Sol has posted most of the HAT HUT material. Also, check the Downtown Music Gallery for a lot of other McPhee recordings. I think they have like 40-50 titles in stock.

  2. Dear Slovnlyeric,

    Thank you for letting me know information about Joe's materials. I will check them.

  3. hi olatunji,

    many thanks for this great and very rare double LP set. before downloading i checked what i can find on this record in the net and found somewhere opinion of one of the owners of this set that this was probably one of the worst joe mcphee recordings. well, i listened to it carefully 2 or 3 times and i totally disagree with that opinion. the record maybe quite difficult at first but joe mcphee is the main figure here and he plays with virtuosity - i would say - as always.

    re: the other recordings by joe mcphee on vinyl - i prepared a list of his recordings originally released on vinyl and never transferred to cd form which were never posted in the blogland - well, maybe on private blogs that i don't have access to:

    1. andre jaume/joe mcphee/raymond boni – songs & dances, on celp, 1983
    2. joe mcphee/andre jaume – tales and prophecies, on hat hut, 2 lp set, 1980
    3. joe mcphee – variations on a blue line, on hat hut, lp only, solo, 1977
    4. joe mcphee – graphics, on hat hut, 2 lp set, solo, 1977
    5. joe mcphee/weber – glasses, on hat hut, 1977
    6. joe mcphee – soprano, on roaratorio, lp only, solo, 1998, released 2007
    7. joe mcphee – everything happens for a reason, on roaratorio, solo, 2003

    plus one very rare of his cd releases :

    8. joe mcphee bluette – let paul robeson sing!, on cimp, 2002

    let's hope that somebody at last will post some of them at least.

    best regards.

  4. Hi Paul W.

    Thank you very much for your nice listing up of Joe's rare works.

    So, maybe I found out this MFG is very lucky! In my country, Joe is known just for free music lovers only, so it is hard to find out his works.