samedi 11 juin 2011

Walter Zuber Armstrong - Hitana(1975)

Walter Zuber Armstrong - Hitana

Tracklist :
Side I - Hitana

Walter Zuber Armstrong - bass clarinet, alto flute
Larry Kennis - Violin
St. Albert - conga drums, percussions
Greg Simpson - drums

Side II - Song for Sheila
Walter Zuber Armstrong - alto flute, soprano flute
St. Albert - conga drums, percussions

All compositions by Walter Zuber Armstrong

Recorded : Side I - Live at Vancouver City College Langara, May 25, 1975
Side II - June 10, 1975, Vancouver, B.C.

The 2nd album of Walter Zuber Armstrong. Beautiful spirtual music with ethnic flavor.

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  1. very nice! thanksazillion [:-)

  2. I just recently knew this musician. And touched by his beautiful music. His albums are not easy to obtain nowadays. Now I'm collecting them.

  3. This is new rip after replacing the lp needle.