samedi 4 juin 2011

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Mores, 26 mai 1980

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Moers, 26 mai 1980

I found out this file on web a few months ago by chance, and now this seems to have been already erased.

But no details information such as labes, titles, son could be found out. "Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Moers, 26 mai 1980" is name of this file. Listening this music, it is sure this is Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and live recording. And seeing this file name, maybe this is recorded live of "Mores music festival", which was organized on 1980s by German music label "Mores", and date is 26th of May, 1980. And this file should have vol.2.

Is there anyone who knows about this live recording by one of representative groups of AACM who is still active nowadays?

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  1. this is a great concert with the same lineup from the Moers lp, Three Gentlemen from Chikago (sic). Ed Wilkerson and Light Henry Huff on reeds. Henry Huff is only on a few records; he was a major player who has passed on. Wilkerson is of course still kickin' it strong in Chicago as is Kahil.

    file I have (from Inconstant Sol I would think) is five songs totaling around 75 mins.

  2. Thank you for your information.

    I checked Inconstant Sol. But introduced are different lives. If you would kindly share files of this live you have, I would be great!

    Now I am waiting for arrival of a vinyl of "Three gentlmen from Chicgo". After receiving it, I will upload here.

  3. hi olatunji,
    i checked my notes and found the following info:
    file "ethnic heritage ensemble - live at moers festival 26.05.1980" was posted on huppeshyalites blog (non-existing now) in december 2007. it had 5 songs totalling 66:36. the sound was excellent, definitely from the soundboard and not from the audience. it was posted in both flac and mp3@320. i don't have the list of tracks however i remember that 1 or 2 tracks were from "three gentlemen from chikago" LP on moers music.

    as i know the moers festival - the concerts there were usually between 40 min. and 60-70 minutes, so i don't think that your tape is part 2 of the same concert. very unlikely. there were several bands playing during each concert.
    best regards.
    paul w.

  4. Ethnic_Heritage_Ensemble_-Moers__80_mp3.part1
    ... does anyone have part 2?

  5. Hi Paul. w, thank you for your information.
    Yes, quality of this is good. And playing itself is attractive and interesting. I guess this is worthy to be shared among funs.
    So hiping anybody will response about "part2".