mardi 28 juin 2011

Byron & Gerald - Unity (1972)

Byron & Gerald - Unity

A JWM+53 16:15
B Black Awareness 23:04

Bass - Freddie Williams
Congas, Effects [Special Effects] - Keno Speller
Flute, Saxophone [Soprano], Trumpet, Drums, Vocals - Byard Lancaster
Percussion, Vocals - Abu Sharrieff
Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Vocals - Byron Morris
Saxophone [Tenor, Baritone] -? Vins Johnson
Trumpet - Gerald Wise

Recorded in 1969

Sound of track 2 "Black Awareness" is strange. Volume changes big and small repeatedlly. It is pity as this item is interesting and very rare. So, I wonder if somebody has another rip of better sound.

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