mercredi 15 juin 2011

Walter Zuber Armstrong - Alpha And Omega(1973)

Walter Zuber Armstrong - Alpha And Omega

A Alpha & Omega
B Meditation - Gaku

Alto Flute - Walter Zuber Armstrong
Bass - Dan O'Brien
Bass Clarinet - Martin Lund, Walter Zuber Armstrong
Cello - Michael-Ann Burnett
Drums - Bill Grauss

Flute - Martin Lund, Walter Zuber Armstrong
Percussion - Walter Zuber Armstrong
Piano - Martin Lund
Piccolo Flute - Walter Zuber Armstrong

Recorded live at Western Washington State College, March 1973.

Manufactured by IRC Vancouver, Canada.

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  1. Thank you! so great to hear this, i have couple Zuber albums, but not this one.. this sure enlightened my day!

  2. UNBELIEVABLE! this showing up here is ofcourse nothing but just plain magic...a deep bow and thanks for ending my search for this rare one!
    peace, E-mile

  3. Thank you for your comment. I'm happy this upload is what you had been looking for.
    But quality of this is not so good Maybe my lp needle is worn out. So after I will get new needle, I will rip and upload again.

  4. I'm from Bellingham Washington (location of Western). Zuber occasional is in town. I've got two copies of this one of which is signed by walter.
    He played in a small town in the early 80's to a bunch of country and rock fans. He took a break to mingle and someone from the party (who shall remain nameless) took his instrument and hid it because they could not hanle the "squaking" anymore.

  5. hi pwrthepeopleman,

    Thank you for letting me know interest but awful story. Rarely but not never, there is someone who express his antipathy of the art and statement he hetes by violence.

    I agree to not small number of people (even my wife), free improvisation music would sound just as terrible noise. To enjoy this kind of music, knowledge and experience is necessary, I guess, like Pablo Picasso's paintings.

  6. This is new rip after replacing the lp needle.

  7. Dear pwrthepeopleman,

    Although I ripped my "Alpha and Omega" with the new LP needle, there are some clipping noises. Especially when volume of flute is big. I wonder wheter this noise is recorded originally or my lp is worn out which I bought recently from one-line second hand shop.

    How about your "Alpha and Omega"?

  8. I'll le tyou know in a couple of days when I get my mixer working

  9. Hi pwrthepeopleman,

    Thank you. Waiting for your reply.

  10. Hey! Thanks for a beautiful blog!!!

    clipping only occurs in the digital domain! When you record something digitally, there is ZERO-TOLERANCE for even short peaks into "the red field". Not like good old analog, where the best recording level actually was on the edge, with short peaks into the red.

    PS I haven't heard, as the new-nbeedle-rip-link is down - just thought I'd mention this in case You didn't know


  11. Hello. A great blog. I love free jazz and creative improv, especially rare and hard to find recordings. Unfortunately, the download no longer works. I have noticed that all the links pointing to Multiupload are dead. My guess it that Multiupload has been seized by some government for violation of copyrights. This is not just an American issue. I understand other countries are also cracking down. Sad as this means we can't even share out of print material like this record. For what it's worth, if somoene, anyone, could repost this album on a site that still works, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Jason Longwell, host of the radio program "Jazz Progressions"

  12. no clipping noises on my copy. sorry for the multi year delay

  13. Can you please reupload a FLAC file of this wonderfull album. Several of us would love to download it. Thank you for this great source of rare music!


  14. I was Walter's drummer out of Western Washington State College - Bellingham Washington