lundi 28 février 2011

Mattin - Proletarian of Noise

MATTIN - Proletarian of Noise (Hibari, 2006)

Mattin: computer

01-Computer Music/Post-Fordism
02-Attitude Fetishist
03-You Are Stuck as a Free Human Being
04-Desecration of Silence
05-Thesis on Noise

you, the consumer, are not freer than me, the producer
your judgement depends on your means and your needs
both of these are determined by our social position
which itself depends on the whole social organisation
you, in aquiring this work
in trying to understand it
and make sense of it
are being part of a market
which is not just producing us as commodities
but also as symbolic and cultural value
in accepting to continue to listen to this work
you are validating the whole structure that this work is part of, i.e. capital.
(from liner notes)


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