lundi 28 juin 2010

Joseph Jarman - Song For

Joseph Jarman: alto saxophone, voice
Fred Anderson: tenor saxophone
William Brimfield: trumpet
Christopher Gaddy: piano, marimba
Charles Clark: bass
Steve McCall: drums
Thurman Barker: drums

Reviewby Scott Yanow

This was one of the early classics of the AACM. Altoist Joseph Jarman, who would become a permanent member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago shortly after this recording, is heard in a sextet with trumpeter William Brimfield, the legendary tenor Fred Anderson, pianist Christopher Gaddy, bassist Charles Clark, and either Steve McCall or Thurman Barker on drums. The four very diverse improvisations include one that showcases a Jarman recitation, a dirge, the intense "Little Fox Run," and the title cut, which contrasts sounds and a creative use of silence. Overall, this music was the next step in jazz after the high-energy passions of the earlier wave of the avant-garde started to run out of fresh ideas. It's recommended for open-eared listeners. The 1996 CD reissue adds an alternate take of "Little Fox Run" to the original program.

thanks a lot to Joao from exp etc

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