mardi 1 juin 2010

Archie Shepp - Live at the Pan-African Festival

Archie Shepp: tenor saxophone
Clifford Thornton: cornet
Grachan Moncur III: trombone
Dave Burrell: piano
Alan Silva: bass
Sunny Murray: drums
plus algerian & tuareg musicians

Reviewby Bob Rusch, Cadence

Archie Shepp probably led more BYG recordings than anyone else. The first of his BYG's has been reissued as Live At The Pan African Festival. The Pan African Festival in Algiers served as a great realization of art and culture for many of the participants and on this recording we heard Shepp, Clifford Thornton, and Grachan Moncur III in an impromptu jam ("Brotherhood at Ketcha") with various native Algerian percussionists and "horn" men...Any study of Shepp makes listening to all of his BYG recordings essential.


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