lundi 26 avril 2010

Rosa Luxemburg New Quintet - Topophonies

Heddy Boubaker
: alto saxophon
Fabien Duscombs: drums, percussion, objects
Françoise Guerlin: voice, text
Piero Pepin: Trumpet, melodica, objects
Marc Perrenoud: doublebass, electric guitare

Topophonies is another superative online album of totally improvised music. Rosa Luxemburg New Quintet consists of five talented musicians who respect no boundaries when it comes to creating music. The four tracks are live acoustic performances exhibiting an uncanny sense of interaction and control in what could easily turn into chaos.

The five musicians in this group all exhibit good talent for free jazz improvisation. I am especially impressed by alto saxophonist Heddy Brubaker whose sound hovers between the academics of Anthony Braxton and the more primordial sounds of a Marion Brown or Julius Hemphill. Piero Pepin’s trumpet growls and moans Lester Bowie style as it plays off the rest of the ensemble. Marc Perrenoud provides bass and electric guitar in a manner that adds rhythm and color rather than tonal asistance. Fabien Duscombs expertly uses a wide range of percussion instruments. Lastly, Françoise Guerlin’s voice is an improvisational instrument in its own right, usually wordlessly joining in the collective group conscienceness but contributing a strange speak-sing lyrical turn on “Schizophonie”. The best track is also the longest. “Territoires” is a 33 minute journey starting on a low simmer that boils and ebbs into a wide ranges of moods from reflective to raging. This is an exhilarating session of improvised art.

The albums is available as separate tracks or album zip in 256kbps. It is made available through the Insubordinations net label, home to some of the wildest improvised music you will find on the internet.


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