mercredi 14 avril 2010

Gail Brand & Mark Sanders - Instinct & The Body

Gail Brand: trombone
Mark Sanders: drums

Even more freedom here from trombonist Brand and drummer Sanders. This disc was recorded at the Vortex club in London in April and August last year, and is an extraordinarily adventurous exploration of all the variables possible in free jazz.

Not only are time, rhythm, harmony and melody constructed and then deconstructed, a whole new world of sounds, tones and timbres of trombone and drums are sought and found.

This is music that draws you in to its detail, and both players are meticulous when it comes to placing sound in silence. They focus right in on the essentials of sound and, as the album’s title stresses, the physicality of it, too. (thejazzbreakfast)


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