lundi 9 janvier 2012

Arthur Blythe - In Concert: Metamorphosis / The Grip (1977)

Arthur Blythe - In Concert: Metamorphosis / The Grip

1 My Son Ra 3:22
2 Lower Nile 4:01
3 As Of Yet 12:35
4 The Grip 7:11
5 Sunrise Service 7:51
6 Metamorphosis 8:08
7 Spirits In The Field
Composed By - Walter Lowe 8:32
8 Duet For Two 17:59
9 Shadows 7:48

Composed By - Arthur Blythe (tracks: 1 to 6, 8, 9)

Alto Saxophone - Arthur Blythe
Cello - Abdul Wadud
Drums - Steve Reid
Percussion - Muhammad Abdullah
Trumpet - Ahmed Abdullah
Tuba - Bob Stewart

Recorded live at The Brook, 40 W. 17 Street, New York City, February 26, 1977.

This combination of two lp (issued from India-Navigation) of Live recording, namely
"The grip" and "Metamorphosis". These two lps have been already reissued in one CD with changing orders of titles. But this CD is very rare and difficult to be found out.

Hoping this hot live will be reissued again.

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  1. Source of this is ripping from casset tape which record lp. And orders of titles are sames CD version.

    Sound quality is not so good. But maybe worth, because CD is very difficult to be found

  2. How can I send you the CD rip ?

    yu don't communicate your mail and I don't want either ! lol

    I ripped it from an old original India navigation Cd and there is some lights defects on it but nothing really disturbing ! What dyu think ?

    it would the minimum I can do to thank you for your wonderful shares...

  3. Thank you, Bhowani.

    If possible, pls. upload to FTP such as Rapidshare / depositfiles, and past on commentaire.

  4. my own rip from a cd I borrowed from a parisian public library...
    I'm happy to thank you by posting this lossless version !

    FLAC and Scans 300 dpi
    part 1

    part 2


  5. please stop !
    don't download these links, some tracks are damaged !
    it's my fault, sorry
    wait for new links thank you !

  6. hera they are, new links with my apologies !

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    1. Bhowani ! Thank you so much! What a coincidence that I discovered this the same day you posted the improved new links :-)) I'm very happy, and very grateful.

  7. My sincere thanks for posting this very rare item, Bhowani!


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