jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Steve Lacy - Stamps (1979)

Steve Lacy - Stamps
1/ Existence (Lacy)
2/ Ire (Lacy)
3/ The Dumps (Lacy)
4/ Stamps/ duckles
5/ Wickets (Lacy)
6/The Blinks (Lacy)

(1,2,3) recorded at the Willisau Jazz Festival, August 27, 1977
(4,5,6,7) recorded at "Jazz Au Totem", Paris, February 22, 1978

Steve Lacy: soprano; Steve Potts: alto, soprano;
Irene Aebi: cello, violin,bells, vocals;
Kent Carter: bass;
Oliver Johson: drums.

Ripped from LP.

Wonderful record of Lacy's late 70s. Why has not been re-issued?

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